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Flip Reinstates Dray Immediately—Why?

On Tuesday night, after an overtime loss to the Bobcats, Flip Saunders said that in 15 years of coaching, he had never been more disappointed than he was when Andray Blatche refused to go back into the game after Flip took him out to talk about defense.  Flip said that it was alright for Blatche to be “pissed” at him but that Blatche leaving his teammates in the trenches without him was “uncalled for.”

Hey Flip, want to talk about credibility?  What do you think your credibility looks like after you STARTED Blatche in Indiana and played him a team-high 39 minutes the night after he refused to play for you?  Blatche comes out of this incident looking like a punk.  Flip, on the other hand, just looks foolish.  Michael Lee, of The Washington Post, reported today that Ernie Grunfeld, Flip, and Blatche met right after the press conference on Tuesday night and worked things out.  What will the Wizards look like next year?

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  1. By: Mike | On: March 26, 2010

    Who knows, I have given up on the Wizards and the O’s

  2. By: freddy from boca | On: March 26, 2010

    the wizards might look like the nets next year or play like the nets or the mets for that matter

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