Yow Emphatically Denies any Interest In Joining The Big Ten

As usual it was a great time at the Terps on Tour event in Baltimore tonight.

Athletic Director Debbie Yow opened up the event by immediately denying the rumors of the Big Ten wooing Maryland to join. She assured Commissioner Swofford that the Terps had no intention of  even considering such a switch.

Debbie gave Ralph a 100% vote of confidence by assuring there would be no repeat of last year’s season.

Dr Yow addressed the new improved TV contract, where Maryland was aasured there would be no prominence of games on ESPN3.com, formerly ESPN360.

She discussed the tremendous performance of the softball team who is hosting the regional this weekend at College Park.

Keith Boothe recalled the “timeout call” at the Georgia Tech game. According to Keith, his mention of the word timeout to Coach Williams was overheard by the ref who immediately stopped play. He praised the calm demeanor of Coach Williams who brought everyone back into focus and proceeded to draw up the winning play.  Keith also graciously thanked the Terrapin Club for all the work and support it gives the student athletes. Keith was overflowing in his praise of Greivis and strongly believes he will be a first or high second round pick.

Brenda Frese spoke of the team’s transition year and of the 2nd ranked incoming Freshman class.

Ralph closed the show show and talked of the success of Spring practice, his depth at linebacker position, the needed improvement of the offensive line, and the strong performance of Jamarr Robinson at QB.

Sean Mosley was also at the event at the Field House on Boston Street. Sean is just a super kid with a great personality. Keith Boothe noted that Sean will soon be on the Dean’s List!!!!

All in all a very enjoyable evening.

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  1. freddy from boca

    i think maryland if offered to join the big ten should strongly consider it, particularly if the likes of texas joining as well. big ten…better academics than acc…big ten..i’m sure more money from tv and media than acc. big ten…better football than acc. acc basketball isn’t what it used to be and big ten b ball isn’t too shabby. you have indiana on the rise, mich st., ohio st. ilinois, purdue, maybe texas. it’s funny how many say it’s acc basketball that helps recruit players to maryland and yet so many for many years complain about the terps basketball recruiting. they could always schedule a b ball game with duke and or nc each yr if they wanted to. md playing mich st, indiana, ohio st in b ball each yr would be appealing. and you might actually be able to have a real rivalry with penn st at least in football as their b ball program isn’t much. and if texas comes to the big ten don’t you think people would love to see the longhorns football and b ball teams come to college park?

    Reply ·   May 20, 2010

  2. saul

    I think Freddy makes some strong points. I don’t think Debbie Yow would say anything to make anyone think Maryland has any interest in the Big Ten at this time. I would welcome a change of conferences.

    Reply ·   May 20, 2010

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