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Where Was Maurice? Lineup Flaw Spells Disaster For USA as Ghana Ends the Dream for Uncle Sam

What was Bob Bradley thinking. If you heard Sasho (Maryland’s Coach) emphasize how important it was to have Maurice Edu in the starting lineup –you had to be shocked when Bradley reinserted Clark in the starting midfield over Edu. The result a disastrous mistake by Clark that led to a Ghana goal and put the USA on its heels the entire match. Maurice played the 2nd half against Slovenia–0 goals. the first half against Algeria–0 goals   That earned him a spot on the bench. Makes no sense.

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  1. By: freddy from boca | On: June 27, 2010

    97% of those who watched the game won’t watch another soccer match until the next world cup. no one will miss hearing those horrible horns that sound like a bunch of bees. the us goalie howard didn’t do a very good job on ghana’s first goal. that should have been stopped. soccer will never become big on a consistent basis the america

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