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Bold Comeback Falls Short For USA—Rickie Fowler Etches His Name into USA Golf Folklore

Some thoughts on a devastating loss to the Euros:

4 birdies on the last 4 holes–As far as I am concerned one of the great USA efforts ever by Rickie Fowler.

If Hunter can chunk a shot anyone can. Tom Watson alsways says if you can use a putter use it. I wonder if he evr thought about the putter.

Ian Poulter ‘s antics bother the heck out of me but face it he was the key to this team.

Think the US could have gotten another 1/2 point had Zinger been the Captain.

Still waiting to hear from Corey. The BBC radio coverage was awesome –certainly bias but very entertaining minus the few guys you can’t understand.

4 more years til I can wake up up at 4 AM to watch live golf. The coverage was stupendous.

Why does it seem the US is always trailing going into the last day? We are definitely superior in the singles matches.

Golf World Beware—Sean Foley will bring Tiger back to the top. Tiger was 3-1 and Monday on top of his game. By the way Lefty finally won a match today.

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  1. By: freddy from boca | On: October 5, 2010

    zinger couldn’t swng the club for any player. coach is overrated. it’s golf. he can’t call shots like a football coach can call a play. it still comes down to the golfer and the golf course.

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