A Collapse of Monumental Proportions: Europe Retains The Ryder Cup 14 1/2 to 13 1/2

Luckily I decided to go watch the O’s attempt to clinch a playoff spot instead of watching this tremendous embarrassment of the USA golfers. Davis Love absolutely made many mistakes which ultimately drowned his team.

First, his Captains choice of Jim Furyk was ridiculous. All season long Furyk has choked down the wire . He did it again today missing putts on 17 1nd 18 and losing his match. He was 1-2 overall.

Why in the world was Tiger sent out last with a 4 point lead. Love had to know Jose Maria would front load.

Playing Stricker on Saturday was idiotic after his performance on Friday. Tiger should have had a new partner.

But the dumbest move of all was sitting Lefty and Keegan Bradley Saturday afternoon when they had won 3 times at 7 and 6 , 4 and 3, and 2 and1. Was he trying to break their momentum because that’s what he did. Was he afraid to rest someone who was playing poorly? Sickening!!!

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  1. Mricklen

    Hmmm let’s see the Euros had Seve inspiration, the Mericans had the Bush family, who already we thought had done all they could to bury this country.
    I guess their work was not completely done?

    Reply ·   October 1, 2012

  2. fkterp

    give credit to the euro’s. they won.

    Reply ·   October 1, 2012

  3. fkterp

    i think it ws only gw bush who did his best to bury this country with his war of choice that cost most importanly almost 5,000 lives in iraq, tens of thousands physically/emotionally injured for life and about 3.5 tillion dollars which the oil was suppose to pay for his was. though haliburton did well….of course the next weapon of mass destruction found will be the first. plus under his watch the banks crushed millions of people with their greed. now gw did great in the fight against aids in africa but sure didn’t do much for america. jeb would have been a smart pick for the gop to run against obama but his last name is bush, same as gw. g h bush was a great american. move over huffington post and mother jones terptalk is the political blog of choice.

    Reply ·   October 1, 2012

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