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Back To The Real World of Terrapin Basketball—Terps 83 Lafayette74

I am tired of talking about conferences, debt and money. But before I start on the what should be a walkover vs Lafayette, let me note I was at the Wizards game last night. Washington has to be a great Bball town as there was a solid 11000 there to watch the 0-8 Wizards.

The point I am making was guess who was starting for the Pacers—-none other then Born Ready, Lance Stephenson. He played OK, but it brought back memories.

At the 16 minute mark with the Terps up 9-5, Turgeon replaced the entire squad. Seth Allen just hit a sweet jumper, which was folloed by a Charles Mitchell layup–Terps up 13-10. Mitchell again. Mitchell rebound. Mitchell great inside pass to Shaq. 17-12 Terps

11 minutes left —starters back in. So much for the first team—22-20 Terps at the 8 minute mark. Seth, Nick, Alex, Mitchell, and Dez. Set Allen for 3–Turge has to be thinking about starting him pretty soon. Layman in for Nick.

at 29-28 Mitchell scores inside again. 31-28 Terps – A late rush gives Maryland a 40-30 Lead at Half

Post game Turgeon remarked that the Terps never made a jumper all night  yet scored 83, going 29-56 from the field.  In 20 minutes James Padgett finished with 14 points on 6-7 shooting. James has been steady all year and will play a much more integral role in this team then most people thought.

Turgeon seems to relying much more on Nick faust as the year goes on. Nick logged in 31 minutes tonight and finished with 13 points and 8 rebounds.

Charles Mitchell continued his strong play with 12 points and 5 bounds. Layman didn’t score and Seth Allen was much quieter tonight though so far he has exhibited the best jump shot on the tea.

Elsewhere in the NCAA:

Rutgers joined the Big Ten bringing the New York market in. Piscataway is great campus and a great place to watch football. The last time I was there the Terps crushed Rutgers and shut down a running back named Ray Rice.

Butler 82 North Carolina 71

IU 82 Georgetown of the Big East 72

Maryland Basketball, Matisyahu
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  1. By: freddy from boca | On: November 21, 2012

    last night md crashed the offensive boards against a small lafayette team. md still has no perimeter game. did see a couple of nice passes but overall the half court offense needs a great deal of work. defensively md did a poor job stopping the leopards outside shooting barrage. give laf. credit they had great spacing, good ball movement and made a ton of 3′s and they were playing without their best player. padgett, faust and mitchell played well. based on the limited number of games so far there is no need to worry about dez wells going pro after this year unless it’s in the business world. md failed to get the ball in alex len’s hands enough last night to take advantage of his height. the tv announcer had a great line…they showed a picture of the lincoln memorial and the wash monument and the guy said there is the lincoln memorial on the left and alex len on the right. by the way in the current tbasketball top 25 there are 5 big ten teams and 3 acc teams, 2 turtle doves and a ……

  2. By: Mricklen | On: November 21, 2012

    I hate o be the first, but here goes…Turgeon has to ate responsibility for the ridiculous competitiveness of this game.
    It seemed that the majority of the Fayette 3′s were accomplished over the late and outstretched arms of Padgett.
    This is the same team that Kentucky beat by 50 this past week?
    It was obviously undersized and perimeter accented, but as they waved on the outside, knowing they would be unable to score inside, and relied on the deep rebounds, Md still went with a predominantly big lineup.
    Seems that Layman, who is more active than Padgett should have been on the court.
    This screamed for a smaller Terp lineup which Turgeon has eluded to in the recent past.
    The only way The Fayettes could possibly stay in the game was by launching 3′s.

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