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May The Battle Begin!!!—Northwestern Alumni Association Contests the Potential Closing of the School

Armed with a plan for protests and petitions, phone banks and pep rallies, the Northwestern High School Alumni Association has set “Operation Hands-Off Northwestern” in motion.

The association’s leadership met Tuesday with parents and community activists to map out what they say will be a fight to the bitter end to save the large Baltimore City high school from closing — from a pep rally Friday to a legal injunction and civil rights lawsuit when the school board takes its final vote on the recommendation in the 2015-2016 school year.

As part of a 10-year-plan unveiled by city schools CEO Andrés Alonso last week, the 46-year-old Northwestern — whose alumni include Baltimore’s first female mayor, Sheila Dixon — would be among 26 school buildings to close, and 29 school programs to be axed or merged, in order to upgrade and modernize the dilapidated infrastructure of the entire system.

“We’re going to push back, and we’re going to push back fierce,” said Rita Collins, president of the school’s alumni association.

from the sun papers

My Take: I have been upset about this since I first heard. Yes, I was a member of  the 1st graduating class of Northwestern in 1968. My years there especially as a member of the Wildcat Basketball team remain steadfast in my memory and heart.  I am anxious to see how the Alumni Association will do battle.

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  1. By: Jose | On: December 5, 2012

    My Wife is a Baltimore School teacher.The only time people give a Fat rat about Baltimore schools is when they close or change the name of the school.Or if a student can run or dribble a ball.Baltimore City public Schools is both one the worst run and supported School systems in the Country.Do the kids have problems? sure but they aren’t the problem. BCPS has the worst administration in the country. Go Terps

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