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Let’s get it On!!!!!!Ravens Nation Descends Upon New Orleans

This Super Bowl will forever be remembered for Deer Antler Spray. Why? Because this will be the straw that puts the Ravens on top. Imagine that someone criticized someone you love. Told half truths and intended to ruin their reputations. And then you have a chance to avenge the criticism. Listen Ray Rice, Torrey Smith, and too many more Ravens to mention worship 52. Deer antler spray.

I do believe that their will be many surprises tomorrow. The brothers will not enter this game with normality.

I have total faith in #5 vs a QB making his 10th start on the biggest stage?

99 and 55 are at full strength. Look for a stronger pass rush then the Ravens have had.

Maybe Frank Gore is the greatest running back ever? I doubt it. Brian Billick says our line will be mauled by SF. Remember thats the same Coach who cut Dilfer for Grbac and set the franchise back.

30,000 Raven lunatics will descend upon the Dome tomorrow. Listen for the O.

Jim is a much better coach then John. Why?

If the Ravens win, my surprise MVP is Torrey.

Who could spoil the dream—#85 formerly #18 at Maryland Vernon Davis.

Like my chances with Justin Tucker vs Akers.

What will Bernard Pollard do? Ed Reed? Pich me because I still can’t believe the Ravens are here.

Baltimore needs and wants this one in the worst way.

Got to run –going to see Snoop Dogg at midnight at the House of Blues.

I will be on Twitter all day tomorrow until my battery runs out. @terptalk

Deer Antler Spray!!!!!!!!

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  1. By: freddy from boca | On: February 3, 2013

    keys to the game.

    defense…ngata needs to play well enough so the niners double team him which takes away from having an extra blocker on the edge which will minimize the effectiveness of the option.

    reed needs to make kap think that someone is going to be open but really isn’t.

    chuck vernon davis at the line to throw off his timing.

    hit kap a couple times really hard early in the game.

    offensive. attack over the middle to open up the outside pass routes.

    need to run for over 120 yards which makes michael oher so important in this game. that really slows down any pass rush and makes play action so effective.

    bang aldon smith’s shoulder with hard blocks and fall on it in pileups. if you can minimize his pass rushing ability that hurts the niners defense a lot.

    mix up the play calling on first down. stay out of the second and long.

    and the obvious. limit flags particularly personal fouls. win the turnover battle by plus 2

    the coin flip should be tails

    playing in a dome means no flyover so ravens fans need to bring paper airplanes to the game and let them loose right after the “o” in the national anthem. that’s creative

    and bruce maybe you should find some milwaukee bucks fans and borrow their fake antlers and wear them to the game.

  2. By: Mricklen | On: February 3, 2013

    In addition special teams will determine field position which could be he determining factor especially early.
    We can not afford another special teams Denver debacle, as well as the early New England game negative field position created by weak special teams play, and ultra conservative 3 and outs the result of poor field position.

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