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Some of the many topics on this morning’s show:

Review of Maryland night at the Legends Museum

Updates on CJ Brown

Summary of MGN event at the Student union last night

Randy snatches Taivon Jacobs away from Ohio State in the final days

Terps face crucial road game at Virginia Tech at 9PM Thursday night

Terps loosen up and destroy Wake forest at home last Saturday

Brief summary of my Super Bowl experience

Omar Gonzales starts on defense for Team USA  

Greivis continues his torrid run through the NBA

Lacrosse season begins Tuesday at home vs Mt St Marys

Maryland Football, Radio Shows, Ravens
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  1. Ryan

    They still just come up short, in my opinion, in one key area. This area is the key to the elite college programs every year and if we don’t fix it, and SOON, then the big 10 will be no different from the ACC.
    The trenches.

    Look at the draft board every year at the final top 15 schools in the polls, and look at who gets drafted. The skill positions are very rare. DT, OL, DE, are the key.

    The top teams in the nation never get into close games with the likes of Towson, Temple, Middle Tennessee, because they are just flat out bigger and stronger. This used to always be the case with most any major college team.
    When the terps were at the top, look at who they had. Merriman, Jenkins, and an O line that sent what, 3 starters pro? Plus, made Shaun Hill look like Montana at times.

    CJ Brown isn’t a passing QB. You must form a pocket and hold it, and you must be able to rush the passer and stop the run to win consistently and return to contention for conference titles and beyond.

    We have had more players drafted to the NFL than any other team in the ACC except Miami over the last 15 -20 years or so, and it has brought nothing in terms of recruiting over the last 5 or so in regards to 5 star offensive and defensive line help.

    They MUST spread out into the mid-west and dip into the pull of talented linemen that saturate that region.
    MUST. Or Ohio St., Mich, Mich St., PSU, and on and on will be above us in the standings, just the way FSU, MIA, VT, NCST, GT, etc. have been for the last 9-10 years.

    Reply ·   February 7, 2013

  2. Ryan


    I heard someone say the other day that if Gary had the team that Turge has this year, we would have at most 3 losses, and wouldn’t be in this situation.

    I responded with, Gary couldn’t recruit this team if his life depended on it.

    That being said, I don’t understand what the problem is. How on earth could we lose both games to a BAD FSU team?

    Where did our offense go? I honestly thought this team was a top 15 team at one point. I saw them getting better by the end of the season, and maybe even making a run at the ACC tourney title.

    I’m at a lost for words with this team. It’s like they are trying so hard to find 1 player to be the star, that they got away from what they were doing early to win every game. THat is play as a team, chemistry, where every night someone else was the hero, with Wells and Len holding down outside and inside respectively.

    I saw a team that was impossible to match up with. Len and the Frosh in the paint, would kill you if you went man, and if you went zone, then Wells would bust it, and if he was off, then Faust would, or if both of them were off then Aronhault or Laymon, etc. Someone would have the hot hand.

    Now what has happened? Well, Faust though just a sophomore, looks like he is falling into that category of tauted Baltimore area players that will be far below expectations, (Mosely, Garrison, anyone from 2004-2010), aronholt looks overmatched in ACC, and Turgeon just CAN NOT find a consistently prolific rotation.

    We must turn this around RIGHT NOW. MUST win tonight at VT. MUST rip off about 5 straight. With NC State falling fast, that win becomes less significant. We have key losses to bad teams.

    = Without at least a 10-8 record in the ACC, and 1 ACC tourney win, I’m going to be scratching my head at how we missed the tourney once again. A team where in the decade has 2 final fours, a NCAA and ACC tourney title, 2 Regular Season ACC titles, and more.

    How is that POSSIBLE!!!!

    Reply ·   February 7, 2013

  3. freddy from boca

    hey ryan. the team has no point guard. it’s like playing cards. if no one is dealing there isn’t a game.

    Reply ·   February 8, 2013

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