Terps Back in the NCAA Hunt with 83-81Victory over #2 Team in the Nation

The fact of the matter is that most fans were just happy over who the Terps beat  yesterday. I was ecstatic because the win placed us back in the hunt for the big dance. Sitting with a marquis win and a possibilty of 10-8 in the Conference is more then anyone could really had hoped for early in the year.

Turgeon was very emotional after being asked a question by Kevin Cowherd as to what this victory meant to him: “It has been a hard week. I take a lot of pride in my coaching. I don’t do a lot of things well, but I like to think that I can coach fairly well. It has been a hard week on my family, hard on my son last week. He had to leave the stands because the fans were so hard on his dad. This win was for my family and the fans. I know what this win means for our fan base, and I really wanted to beat Duke. This means a lot to me. Over the summer I said if we beat Duke I am going to be in the stands with our fans.”

Let’s face it Coach Turgeon really had his kids prepared. He attacked the weakness of Duke, lack of size. The game was really in hand for 80% of the game –only a stalwart comeback led by Seth Curry kept the Floppers close. In 33 minutes Alex rendered Mason Plumlee useless. Plumlee finished with 4 points and only 3 rebounds. Alex was great last night finishing wit 19 points and 9 rebounds.

Somehow or another the Terps were able to win despite committing 26 turnovers. In a performance reminiscent of a Freshman Greivis, Seth Allen scored 16 points yet had 8 turnovers. But Seth had the guts to make the big plays down the stretch. This was probably the first game that all 4 of the freshmen performed well together. Mithcell scored 8, Shaq 4, Jake 8, and the entire team helped Maryland toa 40-20 rebound edge.

Let’s call it like it is and complement Seth curry for a miraculous game finishing 11-17 from the field for 25 points. Without Seth, Duke would have been blown out.

Just for the record the personal fouls were about even 25 on the Terps to 24 for the enemy but Maryland had 34 foul shots to Duke’s 21. Why? Because once again Duke drew about 6 charges  of which 3 were outright flops. I just don’t know how they keep getting away with it.

The crowd was sensational at a fever pitch the entire game. 

In the house last night were: Torrey Smith, SVP (Scot Van Pelt), Boomer Esaison, Dave Neal, Byron Mouton, Juan Dixon, Sean Mosley, Steve Sheppard among many others.



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  1. freddy from boca

    despite a rash of bonehead unforced errors the terps won a big game, albeit they played a team playing the 3rd game is 6 days with an injured seth curry and playing without their best rebounder and one of college basketball’s best outside shooting big man ryan kelly. md tried to give the game away late with turnovers and missed free throws but hung on. give credit to len, mitchell and padgett for a bunch of points in the paint. can’t figure out why turgeon called a timeout with 2.8 on the clock and duke having no timeouts and then not guarding the player making the inbounds pass. duke got a clean look for a last shot though it was a long distance shot. ggod win. a must win. but the next game is a must win situation as well.

    Reply ·   February 17, 2013

  2. wayne

    There were a lot of what seemed to be unforced errors by the Terps. I thought between the refs and the errors, Maryland was about to give the game away.

    Reply ·   February 17, 2013

  3. Brian2580

    Huge win , great atmosphere, a little painful to watch with all the turnovers and officiating but overall a great game to be at. Need to close the season out with 6 more wins to earn a comfortable bid to the tournament.

    Reply ·   February 17, 2013

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