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Terps Cornell Could Have Been a Final Four Matchup a Few Weeks Back

Before we start feeling sorry for ourselves for having to play Cornell in Round 1, think of how then the Big Red feels having to go on the road to face Maryland. At the end of the day outside a few of the AQs there are no weak teams in this 16 team field

Cornell lost 3 games during the season including an crushing Ivy League tournament loss to Princeton that dropped them from a 4 seed to a 11 seed. For most of the year Maryland and Cornell were 1-2 in the polls.

5th year Senior Rob Pannell leads the way for Cornell. Cornell has averaged 47 shots a game, scored an average of 14 goals per game, won the face off and ground ball battles, and offensively really struggled with man up situations. Look for Michael Erhardt to pole up on Pannell. Cornell will most likely double pole Terrapin middies Chanenchuck and John Haus. Much more as the week goes on.

John Tillman, Men's Lacrosse
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