Denver, Duke Advance to Final Four in Philadelphia

Denver 12  Carolina 11          I am perplexed –there is no way Carolina is not the better, deeper, team. This is Carolina’s 7th consecutive quarterfinal loss. Not a great day for what I thought was a great Carolina team. The Heels were up 6-0, 9-4 at half and yet still found a way to lose.

Duke 12 Notre Dame 11        I must be confused. I remember that Maryland played Duke in Durham and defeated them 16-7 and it wasn’t that close. This is John Danowski’s 7th year as head coach and yes it’s his 7th straight Final four. His theory seems to be to not worry about the early season and slowly let the players and team find their way. It’s working. However, in my opinion Duke has very little chance of defeating Cornell. Duke has no answer for #3 Rob Pannell.  Josh Offit (Saul Offit’s grandson) played a key role in Duke’s victory today.

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  1. wayne

    Bruce – you have been saying “watch out for Duke” all season. You were certainly correct on this one.

    After that horrible start, it is hard to see Duke in the Final 4 and the Terps at home.

    Reply ·   May 20, 2013

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