Ravens Complete “The Lost Weekend” Losing to the Steelers 19-16

Unfortunately this morning I had a sick feeling in my stomach about this game. Something is just missing from this team. You just can’t start playing in the NFL in the 4th quarter when you are trailing and expect to win.

Joe’s tying TD drive was a thing of beauty–16 plays–8 minutes–9 for 9 passing, 5 third down conversions. and most of all an innovative series of downs when we were 1st and goal.

But that was our only TD of the game. Again. Once again only 6 points in the 1st half. We have a $20 million dollar a year QB. Take the reins off of him. Let him make that call on the line of scrimmage. The year is getting away from us. Utilize our #1 asset.

Yes it was the Ravens Steelers but let’s not kid ourselves, it was a boring battle between 2 mediocre teams. The Ravens are 3-4 and now trail the Bengals by 2 games. There is no way anything less then 9-7 will win the division, most likely the only way the Ravens make the playoffs. That means the Ravens must ago 6-3 the rest of the way. Look at our schedule—Home—Cinci, The Jets, Minnesota, Pitts, and the Patriots—On the Road—Detroit  Chicago,  Cleveland   and Cinci. 6-3 would be a major achievement at this point.

Harbaugh has 2 weeks to gather his troops, recreate a real offense,and plug in some new wrinkles. The status quo just isn’t getting it done.

A caller this morning (James) made a great point—this team is suffering from an overconfidence that hits many teams after winning the Super Bowl. Why is there no sense of urgency early in the game? 

I am sure the onsides kick will be a major point of controversy this week. Listen, I predicted it —and it is easy to 2nd guess. But Harbaugh was trying to turn the tide. What really bothered me was that a Raven was offsides which would have nullified a recovery. Early in the 3rd quarter, Joe was forced th call a timeout. Somehow the Ravens failed to get the play off in time.Are you kidding me?

Elsewhere in the NFL:

As predicted the Redskins won 45-41 over the Bears as RG3 led a late TD drive for the victory.

The Bengals kicked a 54 yard FG to defeat the Lions in Detroit.

With 2 weeks to prepare, Miami lost to Buffalo, led by 3rd string QB thad Lewis from Duke.

The Jets upset the Patriots despite 7 tackles from Joe Vellano.

The 49ers coasted by the Titans –Boldin 5 catches 74 yards

Darrius Heyward Bey caught a TD pass for the Cols last night



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  1. freddy from boca

    the ravens do not suffer from over-confidence. few teams play well the year after winning a super bowl. some of that drive and desire is lost. most importantly the ravens lost 12 starters plus pitta. that’s 60% of their starters gone from last year. it’s not the same ravens team. many of the new starters have little or no experience starting in the nfl. some are new to the team. there is a lack of chmeistry which can only come with experience playing together. for the young guys, some may not be good enough to start at this time. many fans thought that youth and speed could replace experience. not when you have to replace 12 starters. the offensive line is not good. the lack of a running game minimizes any play action.

    the receivers are not that good. the steelers used single coverage yesterday yet few raven receivers got good separation. the one long completion to torrey smith had nothing to do with torrey getting open. he was covered like a blanket. it was a great great pass from flacco. the d line isn’t that good and the linebackers leave a lot to be desired. it’s not a good team at this time. the play caling, blocking schemes and pass routes need to be adjsuted to fit the personnel.

    Reply ·   October 21, 2013

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