Did I Miss Something–Was Adam Jones on the Bench When Crush Struck Out on 3 Pitches in the 9th

If you know what happened please clarify because I can not believe that if AJ wason the bench, Buck didn’t pinch hit him for Davis against a lefty.

O’s lose 7-6—line on Ubaldo—4 1/3 innings 8 hits 6 earned runs–only 42 games left with Ubaldo and Miley on this team.  #hard to watch

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  1. John

    Ubaldo – sure glad this is the last year of his contract.

    Can not believe that Davis watched the 3rd strike. But again, he has done that at least 100 times in his career with the O’s. Agree with the statement, as I said at the time watching the game, where is Adam Jones. Another good reason to FIRE Buck!

    Dan sign both of the above to very large contracts. He has to go!

    Reply ·   August 17, 2017

  2. Michael Auerbach

    It is hard to argue that Showalter is anything other than a fine manager with his demeanor and ability to deal with players. However, making the same mistake over and over again, allowing players who consistently harm this team, harm it in precisely the same way they always do is frustrating for a fan. This is especially poignant as the season nears its end and the O’s are still alive. Having watched the overwhelming number of games, when Jimenez starts to go south after the 4th inning, he never recovers. The last game at Seattle was lost because of poor managerial decisions. One run was surrendered in the 3rd, two in the 4th and after the opening hit in the 5th he should have been pulled. Buck was more concerned with Ubaldo getting the “decision” than the game. Admirable, but at this stage of the season, ill-considered. As he has done over and over again, he gave up a slew of runs putting and blowing a lead. But the subject of this article is as incomprehensible as leaving Britton on the bench in the bottom of the 12th in the playoff game. Jimenez can pitch sometimes. When he’s good, he’s good. After the first hit, and surely after the second (last year) to allow him to face the third batter and end our season defies reason.

    Moving back to the game Wednesday night, no one strikes out more than Davis. He is having an issue seeing the ball. The are few batters in all of baseball worse against left handed pitchers. Combining that combination and allowing him to end what would have been an amazing, momentum producing comeback, with one of the best hitters with men in scoring position in the entire major leagues on the bench, equally defies reason. It is a good thing he’s not a doctor, as repetition of the same error leads to serious injury and lawsuits.

    Reply ·   August 18, 2017

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