Ravens 20 Bengals 0—so much for the Practice Games

I sure had the Ravens game wrong. However I did predict the offense could not score more then 10 points and I was close. 13 points generated by joe.

No one can complain that the Ravens didn’t run the ball. Lots of possession and salted away a road game easily.

Andy Dalton –4 ints and a fumble—horrible

Woodhead looked great early on–injury was a crusher.

Tsizzle played great and was my MVP of the game.

My Grades—-

Joe—C+  That was always the highest grade Dilfer got. A Dilferesque effort.

Running Backs—West  B    Allen   B-    Woodhead incomplete

Off line—minus Jensen’s poor game (3 holding penalties)   B-

Receiving—-C —Maclin’s 58 yard TD saved the group for the day

Dline—-Gave up a few runs but A- overall–put great pressure on Dalton

Linebackers—seemed Flawless—-A

Secondary—–Especially Jimmy Smith  A+

Tucker—–A as always

Harbaugh and his staff—–   A- maybe a pass or 2 in the 2nd half would have kept me from dozing off

Andy Dalton—–F and that’s generous

Practice games—R for ripoff—W  for waste of time  I for irrelevant   S for why did we cut Smoke   


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