Undisciplined Play, Poor Clock Management, 2 Point Try? Allow the Redhead and the Bengals to Defeat the Ravens 34-23

Can the Ravens ever Beat a Decent team?

Listen the Bengals have now beaten the Ravens 8 of the last 10 games

Why would anyone ever think it would be different tonight.

Penalties allowed the Bengals to score 2 TDs but why hands to the face 55 on a 3rd and 13?

So it’s a 1:06 left and the Ravens are down by 11 with the ball in Justin Tucker’s range. Someone please tell me why the order wasn’t FG, onside kick, and then TD. Look it’s a long shot but at least its a shot. What were they doing with all the check downs–padding stats, running out the clock–someone explain it to me.

31-23 a 2 point try with 9 minutes left. Why? the Bengals FG mentally put the game out of reach. 

Once again we couldn’t make a crucial stop and could not get the tying TD. 

So frustrating.

Down 21-0, at least the team never quit. 

By the way how about the way the Bengals time management men botched the final minute of the 1st half.

AJ Green–is he a newcomer or a guy who has killed the Ravens over the years. Think he would get 3 TDs against Belichick. Sorry Wink.

Once again Joe threw over 5o passes and the Ravens lost. A guaranteed formula but then again 66 yards on 22 carries does not cut it.

Wasn’t it great to hear Troy Aikman cheerlead for the Bengals.

Just a reminder 0-7 in playoff games.

Catch of the game Michael Crabtree’s sideline grab reminiscent of #82.


CJ Mosley–if he is out so might be the Ravens

Good night


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