Great Disappointment at M&T Does Not Diminish Super Run By the Ravens and Lamar

Ok, so I said on the air Sunday that I wouldn’t be upset if the Ravens lost. I was. Greatly. But after 3 quarters of total offensive collaps, Lamar took the advice of Joe Flacco and finished strong. Here is what #5 had to say:

Asked whether it was frustrating not to play, Flacco said, “It really wasn’t.” He gave Jackson some advice on the bench when things weren’t going well.

“I just told him, ‘Listen, finish strong. At some point, you’re going to be proud of how you finished, no matter what happens. This is all part of it. You know, dealing with the situation right now. It’s still a game, so go out there and do what you can to get us back in it. Handle yourself the way you would like to see yourself handle the situation.’”

In the final 10 minutes of the game, Lamar threw for 169 yds, 2 TDs, and actually gave the Ravens a very remote chance of pulling this game out.

Here is what confounded me and debatable plays I agreed with.

#1 If the intention was not to let Joe Flacco because of various reasons (fear of injury and being stuck with him for a long time until he was 100% healthy, as well as diminished trade value) why in the world wasn’t RG3 the backup. I thought after the 1st failed offensive series of the 2nd half, we would see Joe. After all he is still part of the TEAM making 18 million a year.

#2 Why the boos. Without Lamar, no one would have been at M&T watching a playoff game. He’s 21 years old and yes he had a bad game. But was not a great part of his performance caused by incredibly conservative play calling, especially being down so badly?

#3 Did Montgomery have any positive plays for the Ravens. Why was the coaching staff so enamored with him.

#5 I agreed with Tucker’s field goal attempt instead of going for it on 4th and 1.The score would have been 12-6, with the Ravens needing just one TD score to get the lead.

#6 Harbs sure seemed like he wanted to stay but it will be interesting to see how the owner reacts to possible draft picks offered to the the Ravens in exchange for Harbaugh.All in all it was a great run by the Ravens and we just have to settle for beating out the Steelers for the Division Title. So be it.

Early lines for next weekend’s games.

Colts +5 1/2 at KC

Dallas +7 at Rams

Eagles +9 at New Orleans

Chargers +4 1/2 at New England

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