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12,000 Watch as SCS Weaves its Way into 61-46 Loss vs the Terrapins

SCS= South Carolina State

Weave can indicate a stalling method to keep a game close

In this particular game the weave continued as South Carolina State hopelessly trailed in the contest. It was an unusual strategy . I guess if the opponent hit every shot it could have been close. Anyway  Mayland seemed to be lulled into the boredom of the game.

The Terps were just too big and strong for the Bulldogs. Some points of interest about the game.

Turgeon’s first comments were about the strong attendance for this game and he went on to agree with my assessment that it just wasn’t a fun game to watch. 

“It’s a win. I was pleased with the attendance today; we had 12,000 people for a Saturday afternoon game. The students were good; they were into the game. It wasn’t really a game that you could get into very easily. We made free-throws–18 out of 22. Our field goal percentage defense was really good again. They made quite a few shots late. Besides that it wasn’t really a fun game to be a part of to be honest. We didn’t make shots that we have been making. They could stay zone and in their delay game because we could never get separation since we couldn’t make a shot throughout the game. It’s a `W’, and we will move on and take the day off tomorrow, and hope to get better in practice on Monday.”

PeShon connected on a few open shots today. It just seems that when he does nail the jumper, other openings occur and he sure can deliver the pass.  Alex Len led the Terps with 13 points on 5-8 shooting.

Jake Layman continues to struggle with his outside shot . Everyone has to remember that he is a freshman and must be given the chance to ease into his game and find himself with this team. Jake plays hard and tough and must not get discouraged by his slow start on offense.  His game looks fluid to e and he will make an impact before this season ends.

Maryland (8-1) won its eighth straight game since a season-opening loss to defending national champion Kentucky. The last time the Terrapins won eight games in a row was the 2006-2007 season, when they opened with eight straight wins.

 The turnout was a positive sign. For those followers of terptalk.com, I have always pointed out that Saturday afternoon games seem to be the best draw for the Terps, regardless of the opponents. Today was no exception.
Maryland’s next opponent Monmouth (5-5) fell to Syracuse 108-56 today.
2012 Basketball Recruits
Dez Wells Wows Everyone at the Basketball Scrimmage Today

I have to admit, this was 1 practice I was excited to see. Here are my observations of each player:

Dez Wells–absolutely the strongest driver to the basket in my Terrapin memory. Franchise was superb but Dez is stronger. If he clears the NCAA, possible finishes for this year’s terps would skyrocket. YES HE IS THAT GOOD!!!!!!

Alex Len—early on the guards got him the ball down low and he was a force. Physically looks completely different. At 7’1″ we better make the most of his talent this year

Seth Allen–love to shoot the rock. Good aggressive driver though he was hit with 2 charges

Logan Aronholt—very obvious he can shoot as he swished a 3 pointer

Pe’Shon–steady as a rock, he just won’t have to create that much on this team

Nick Faust–10 points—drove well to the hoop—it will be interesting to see how his role develops on this squad

Mitchell and Shaq—quiet games today but both are stron rebounders. Turge said Shaq is a relentless rebounder

James Padgett–quiet game today– he will have to adjust to not being the dominant big on the floor

John Auslander—just seems to be in right place all the time—probably the 10th man in a 9 man rotation–Turge said something to that effect

Jake Layman–aggressive early but tweaked his ankle though it didn’t seem serious


Scot Van Pelt, Juan Dixon, Taj Holden were in the house today



2012 Basketball Recruits
“Maryland is a great job. The National spotlight is Coming”...

When Coach Turgeon speaks about Maryland Basketball, he doesn’t mince words, he is direct and to the point . Some of the points from his press conference tonight:

There is no answer concerning the eligibility of Dez Wells for 2012 yet from the NCAA

Shaq Cleare has lost weight, muscled up and is now playing over the rim

Our bigs are a very strong 4 deep —Padge, Shaq, a very underrated Charles Mitchell, and the “new” Alex Len

Everyone on the team thinks they are starting–thus practices are extremely physical

PeShon is apparently at 100 %

James Padgett, PeShon, and John Auslander are stepping up to leadership roles

As for Alex–the communication barrier is gone, he is not rattled easily anymore, his weight is up to 250—He will have the green light to shoot this year

As for Seth and Jake Layman–like most Freshmen they are learning the systems but these guys excel in the open court

Logan Aronholt–inside out game player with a great shooting strok

“Maryland is a great job–The national spotlight is coming”

From umterps.com:

On the differences from last year:
“It’s completely different. When I took over the job at Maryland, I didn’t know much about the ACC, but now I have a feel for the league and the coaches and what it takes to be successful at this level. Our coaches are much more comfortable together. We also have some returning players and that helps teach the new players how to do it. And then for the first time this summer we were able to practice together, so we’re much further along than we’ve ever been and I’m much more comfortable standing up here today than I was a year ago.”

On the roster and how he feels about it:
“It’s pretty remarkable. We only signed three players early. To be able to add the pieces that we added late has really helped do some things to add depth. I feel comfortable with our team. Pe’Shon [Howard] is healthy, so he has been able to practice at full speed. It’s been a little over a week, so it’s great to have him back. It’s amazing how much better the four returning scholarship players have become, Nick [Faust], Pe’Shon [Howard], Alex [Len] and James [Padgett]. Their improvement and understanding of what the coaching staff wants is great. We feel good, just like every other team in the league. Standing here today compared to a year ago, I feel like we’re much further along, but we’ll see if it translates.”

On the freshman standouts this summer:
“The four young kids that are coming in, and Logan, they have all done something. We don’t get a lot of time, only two hours a week, so we had 16 total hours to work with them. The real differences were in the weight room and in conditioning. We saw Shaq shed about 20 pounds and Charles Mitchell shed about 15 pounds. They are totally different players now than they were when we got them in June when they just finished high school. Jake Layman was set back a little bit because he was on the U.S. team. He really had a great September and early October for us. He has come a long ways. Seth Allen is a big time athlete. He is a much better defender than I thought he was. None of them stick out any more than the others. When you sign players, you aren’t really sure, but you hope and I think they are all just a little bit better than I was anticipating, which is a good sign. We still have a long ways to go. Logan Aronhalt had a knee and a back injury all last season, so it affected his summer game a little bit. He also lost some weight and looks good. He’s a big time shooter that has really helped us in practice. Evan Smotrycz can’t play this year, obviously, but he has really practiced well. He’s been to the tournament and knows what it takes, so he has been a great addition.”



2012 Basketball Recruits
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Topics for tonight:

Preview of today’s game vs UConn

35,000 plus students already for today’s game

The quick growth of QB1 Perry Hills to be tested today

Review of Last Week’s stunning victory over Temple

Ryan Moran Promoted to Tillman’s Associate Head Coach

Sam Cassell’s eligibilty denied by NCAA

#1 Men’s soccer defeats NC State 3-2

#3 Field Hockey defeats BC 7-4 after trailing 3-0—-Hat trick for Alyssa Parker

Academic success of the Athletic Department

Women’s Soccer to play Carolina tonight at Ludwig

Terps in the NFL

Basketball Recruiting updates


2012 Basketball Recruits, 2013 Basketball Recruits
Kelly & Associates Insurance Group Terp Talk on at 8AM Saturday M...


Some topics for Thursday night:

Dez Wells stuns Kentucky by choosing Maryland.

The incredible rush to judgment at Xavier almost ruins a young man’s life.

The Harrison twins will join Rysheed Jordan at Midnight Madness at College Park

A look at the 2013 Basketball roster

The optimistic look at the Terps win against W&M

Stefon Diggs–the best instinctive runner at maryland in years

Preview of Temple Game this Saturday

Field Hockey team upset by Old Dominion

Men’s Soccer Goes to 3-0-1 With 4-0 Win over BC

Why Sasho is right –Terrapin Soccer needs 10,000 seat stadium–last Friday proved that!!

The incredible run of the Nats

Becky Caplan scores twice as Maryland Defeats Bama in Soccer 2-1



2012 Basketball Recruits, 2013 Basketball Recruits, Baseball, MARK TURGEON, Maryland Basketball, Maryland Football
Koons Ford Terp Talk on Thursday Night at 6PM on ESPN 1300 and terptal...

Some topics for Thursday night:

Dez Wells stuns Kentucky by choosing Maryland.

The incredible rush to judgment at Xavier almost ruins a young man’s life.

The Harrison twins will join Rysheed Jordan at Midnight Madness at College Park

A look at the 2013 Basketball roster

The optimistic look at the Terps win against W&M

Stefon Diggs–the best instinctive runner at maryland in years

Preview of Temple Game this Saturday

Field Hockey team upset by Old Dominion

Why Sasho is right –Terrapin Soccer needs 10,000 seat stadium–last Friday proved that!!

The incredible run of the Orioles led by Mark Reynolds

Preview of the biggest weekend in years at Camden Yards



2012 Basketball Recruits, 2013 Basketball Recruits, Baltimore Orioles Baseball, MARK TURGEON, Maryland Football
Breaking News: Terrapins Land Dez Wells

Maryland basketball received another positive jolt today with the addition to its squad of Xavier transfer Dez Wells. The Terrapins will try to attain a waiver so that Dez will be eligible to play this year. Wells was the A10 Freshman of the year and could possibly move up the timetable on the entrance of maryland back into national prominence. Much much more tonight on this newest Terp. Dez chose Maryland over Kentucky and Memphis. Another unbelievable job by Mark Turgeon and his staff.

2012 Basketball Recruits
Video on Terrapin Recruit Dez Wells

Dez is deciding between Kentucky, Memphis and Maryland with a decision probably within a few days.

2012 Basketball Recruits
Jake Layman Leads USA U18 To Rout Over Mexico 110-59

Jake Layman (Maryland) led five players in double figures with 18 points as the United States Under-18 team rolled to a second consecutive convincing victory, defeating Mexico 110-59 in the FIBA Americas U18 Championships on Sunday.

The United States dominated the paint. It outrebounded Mexico 50-38 and outscored them in the paint, 70-34. At the same time, the U.S. struggled from the perimeter, connecting on just 4-of-23 3-point attempts.

After the teams traded baskets to start the game, the U.S. went on a 24-4 run, capped by two Purvis free throws to build a 26-6 advantage. That lead grew to 33 points in the second quarter and the Americans led 58-26 at the half.

The U.S. plays Brazil on Monday. from the sporting news.com


2012 Basketball Recruits
Jake Layman, 2012 Terrapin Recruit, Selected to Under 18 USA Team

Head Coach Billy Donovan (Layman) loved the way Jake stroked the 3 and the fact that he could play multiple defensive positions.ake Layman, 2012 Terrapin Recruit, Selected to Under 18 USA Team. Certainly Coaches Turgeon, Spinelli, Ranson, and Hill had to be ecstatic today.

2012 Basketball Recruits
Does The Departure of Stoglin Increase The Chances For Maryland To Lan...

Some thoughts on today’s events after a day of pondering:

Rumor has it that that the recruiting intensity of Coach Turgeon will pick up on Bino’s guys–the Harrisons. Why you ask. I might be in the minority but who is to say that Stogs would have left after after his Junior year. His decision would have come at the last minute a year from now. With that possibility on the table and another year of dominating the scoring scene—the Harrisons probably would have passed on Maryland. but now the table is clear. Unquestionably they could be the guys should they bring their talents to college Park. Remember this is just my opinion.

I think it is extremely clear why Turge pushed so hard for Cassell. Coach had his share of highs and lows with PeShon which is history now.. However, Terrell played his heart out for the team in his 2 years here. Maybe he shot too much, maybe his defense was suspect but there would have been many more losses without him. I am very saddened to see his career end the way it did. I only hope the best for Terrell and will always be rooting for him.

Just for fun here are some possible starting scenarios for next year. This all depends on the health of PeShon and whether or not Jake is ready for prime time. Believe me it’s endless—–I can’t wait

PeShon at the 1, Seth or Sam at the 2, Nick on the wing, Shaq, Len and Padge–pick 2

PeShon at the 1, Nick at the 2, Layman on the wing—Shaq Len or Padge or Mitchell

Nick at the 1, Cassell or Seth at the 2, Layman at the 3, Shaq and Len

Sam or Seth at the 1, Nick at the 2, Layman, Shaq Len or Padge

Sam and Seth at 1,2 Nick at the wing, Shaq, Len Padge

2012 Basketball Recruits, 2013 Basketball Recruits
Gilman QB Shane Cockerille on Koons Ford Terp Talk Thursday Night at 6...

Some topics for Thursday show :

Lefty QB Shane Cockerille, Maryland’s newest verbal Commit will be at 6PM

NFL draft expert Dennis Koulatsis will be on to help predict the first 15 picks of the draft and who the Ravens will likely pursue

Review of Men’s lacrosse—loss to Duke and last night’s victory over the Mount

Review of Lady Terps winning the ACC Title

Sam Cassell Jr finally recommits to Maryland

Terps playoff hopes still alive despite Clemson series

Ticket readjustment coming up soon

2012 Basketball Recruits