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2013 Basketball Recruits, Featured Video
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2013 Basketball Recruits
Future Terrapin QB Shane Cockerille Leads #1 Gilman to 48-12 Victory O...

Shane finished with 9 carries for 107 yards, 4-6 passing for 127 yards and 2 TDS.

2013 Basketball Recruits
Kelly & Associates Insurance Group Terp Talk on 1580 AM –Cl...


Some of the many topics on the show this morning:

Homecoming game vs NC State–Can Terps take another step toward Bowl Eligibility

The Reemergence of Maryland Basketball as a National Power

PG Roddy Peters Verbals to Maryland

Intense competition for playing time 

Terps defeat UVA to move to 4-2

Diggs, Drakeford snag ACC Honors

#1 Soccer Team Defeats Carolina 1-0 in OT

#6 Field Hockey will host #1 North carolina Saturday at 1PM

#5 Women’s Soccer Drops 1-0 Game to Miami 



2013 Basketball Recruits, Radio Shows, Randy Edsall, Ravens, Ray Lewis
Breaking News: 4 Star PG Roddy Peters Verbals To Maryland!!!

The pain only lasted a few days. Turgeon &Co have just landed one of the premier PGs in the nation. Roddy Peters who WANTS and has always wanted to be a Terp will arrive in the fall of 2013. The Bsaketball world is now aware that the Terps are back! Check out this article from cbssports.com and Jeff Goodman:

Terps Could Be Major Players in 2013-14 Even Without The Twins

Maryland fans everywhere were in anguish 11 days ago when the Harrison twins chose Kentucky (and Nike) over their beloved Terps (and Under Armour). Andrew and Aaron Harrison were considered the saviors of sorts, a pair of talented brothers who could bring this program back to national relevance.

But Mark Turgeon doesn’t necessarily need the Harrison twins in order to compete for a Final Four. What he needs is sophomore 7-footer Alex Len to remain in College Park beyond this season. Then the Terps will be a major player on the national level.

Here’s their 10-man rotation for a year from now in 2013-14 if the big Ukranian sticks around:

Frontcourt — Alex Len (junior), Shaq Cleare (sophomore), Jake Layman (sophomore), Evan Smotrycz (redshirt junior), Charles Mitchell (sophomore), Damonte Dodd

Perimeter — Dez Wells (redshirt sophomore), Nick Faust (junior), Pe’Shon Howard (senior), Roddy Peters (freshman), Seth Allen (sophomore)

That’s pretty impressive and certainly a collection of talent that can compete for an ACC title — especially when you factor in Turgeon’s X’s-and-O’s ability.

Maryland landed a commitment from Peters on Tuesday morning, according to several reports. Peters is a local combo guard who isn’t Andrew Harrison, but he is a top-50 player and a likely four-year kid. He and Howard give the Terps a pair of quality point guards — although Peters can also play off the ball. Wells and Faust are two high-level wings, Layman and Smotrycz are two skilled forwards and Turgeon could have a big-man duo of Len and Cleare.

Turgeon and his staff have yet to land that elite-level player, but the Terps have managed to add four top-75 players (if you include Wells) since he got the job less than 18 months ago.

I’m not sure next year’s team ultimately will get to the Final Four in Dallas, but it’s certainly not far away. When Turgeon took over, I said the Terps would be in the Final Four within five years. Maryland could — if things break right — have an opportunity (as long as Len returns) in Year 3.

Yes, even without the Harrisons.

2013 Basketball Recruits
BREAKING NEWS: 2013 PG Roddy Peters Expected to Announce Decision Tues...

Yes, this could be the big news every Terrapin Basketball has been waiting for. Turge and Dalonte Hill had an in home visit with the Suitland PG Monday night. The final decision is between Georgetown, Xavier, Rutgers, and Maryland. Kansas and UCLA had been in the mix but have vanished.  Many (including Mike Ricklen) have thought that Peters was the more rational selection for the Terps, but that is really just opinion. Roddy is 6’4″ and 180 lbs. He is a 4 Star and ranked overall as the 38th best player in the country. As I have been saying Turge is the real deal.

2013 Basketball Recruits, MARK TURGEON, Maryland Basketball
Breaking News: Roddy Peters To Attend March Madness at Comcast

according to terrapin times.com Roddy will be in the house—Great News!!!!!!!

2013 Basketball Recruits
The Stakes Are As High As They Can Be—A Potential National Champ...

I will never sugarcoat it. It’s plain and simple–Mark Turgeon and Bino Ranson have done everything humanly possible to land the twins. Why? Because Turgeon knows that added to the existing players that will be at Maryland next year, the addition of Andrew and Aaron will elevate this team into the top reaches of the NCAA. That’s a fact. Not based on film but based on talent. Andrew is the number 1 prospect in the nation but mark my words, brother Aaron is the best 2 guard I have seen come into the NCAA ever. There will be no bridge jumping by me if we lose the twins to Calipari but I will be sick because they belong at Maryland. That’s my take.

Terrapin times Dan Painter,  the most knowledgeable reporter on Maryland basketball recruiting will be on Terp Talk tomorrow discussing the Twins’ decision.

2013 Basketball Recruits, Harrison Twins
CBSsports.com—Says The Battle For the Harrisons in Reality is Un...

At some point late Thursday afternoon, live on national television, Aaron and Andrew Harrison will stare into a camera and tell the world — or at least the part of the world that cares enough to tune in — where they will play college basketball next season. They might say Kentucky. They might say Maryland. Nobody seems to know for sure.

“I think it’s Maryland,” one source told me.

“I still think it’s UK,” another source told me.

“I’m hearing it’s 50-50,” yet another source told me.

And is this going to be a fun next 24-plus hours or what?

The Harrison twins are consensus top-five national prospects in the Class of 2013 who live just outside Houston. They are both guards. They are both future lottery picks. They are good enough together to make just about any program a contender for the 2014 Final Four, which is why they’ve long been Kentucky and Maryland’s primary recruiting targets. But that doesn’t mean they’re actually picking between Kentucky and Maryland. I mean, technically they are, I guess. But the reality is that the names and locations of the schools are less important than the man coaching one of them and the shoe company supporting the other. The truth is that this is about John Calipari vs. Under Armour, and that’s why this soon-to-be-decided recruiting battle is this year’s most fascinating by a wide margin.

So who’s gonna win?

Will it be the biggest and baddest recruiter the sport has ever seen or the still relatively young shoe company that A) was founded by a Maryland graduate, B) now outfits the Maryland athletic department and C) spent the past two summers funding a summer team led by the Harrison Twins and run by their father? Will it be Coach One-and-Done or the school connected to a company that employs somebody named Chris Hightower, whom Aaron Harrison Sr. acknowledged toUSA Today is the only adult who was allowed to directly contact his sons throughout most of their recruitment? Will it be The Swoosh or We Must Protect this House?

I’m honestly not sure.

But what I am sure of is that it would be Kentucky if all things were equal. Yes, I know Maryland’s Mark Turgeon has known the Harrisons for years because he coached near their home (at Texas A&M) before moving to College Park. And yes, I know the Harrison Twins’ father grew up in Baltimore. And yes, I know Maryland is a tradition-rich program with a national championship banner.

But let’s get serious.

“Without Under Armour supporting the Harrison’s [summer] team and making friends with the family, there’s no logical way for anyone to think Maryland could compete head-to-head with Kentucky on two people like this from Texas,” said former Nike, Reebok and adidas executive Sonny Vaccaro, a man who knows a thing or two about influencing with shoe-company money. “There’s no way Nike and John Calipari, in a head-to-head fight for recruits they seriously target who don’t have an umbilical-cord connection to another school, should ever lose a guy. It’s illogical to think it could happen. But in the world we live in it’s very logical, and it might happen here because there’s a new player in the game.”

That new player is Under Armour.

“But this isn’t a new game,” Vaccaro said. “We’ve been playing this game for a long time. All you’re seeing now is a new player — a very strong commercial entity in Under Armour.”

It’s worth highlighting Vaccaro’s point: What’s happening here is juicy, but hardly a fresh development in recruiting. Nike has been either directly or indirectly influencing college choices for years. Adidas undoubtedly played some role in Shabazz Muhammad’s decision to attend UCLA. The unconfirmed stories I could tell you about moves one shoe-company executive or another have pulled or tried to pull would blow your already cynical mind, and they usually begin with Nike, Adidas, Reebok or, in this case, Under Armour deciding to fund some team or program featuring elite talents. The idea is to create an advantage with money, build and nurture a relationship with the principal parties and hope it all pays off when the time comes for those elite talents to pick a school.

That time has come for the Harrison Twins.

So who’s gonna come out on top?

Under Armour is trying to protect its Maryland house.

Nike and Coach Cal are trying to break in.

This whole thing is a fascinating look into the highest levels of recruiting.

May the strongest brand win.

2013 Basketball Recruits, MARK TURGEON
Turgeon Has In Home Visit With The Harrison Twins On the Eve of their ...

Listen, if the Harrisons decide on Maryland, the Terps will have achieved their greatest recruiting moment in its basketball history. Bino and Turgeon have been relentless, daring to be great, wanting to bring in the 2 kids who can possibly bring a another National Tile to Maryland. They have fought the great fight against Calipari and the Kentucky machine.

Tick… tock…tick…tock —Remember 5PM on the U Thursday. Terp Talk will follow at 6PM with instant analysis of the decision.

2013 Basketball Recruits, Bino Ranson, MARK TURGEON, Maryland Basketball
Rift Between the Harrison Twins and Their Dads? zagsblog reports—...

From zagsblog.com

Andrew and Aaron Harrison have a different opinion than their father on where they should go to college, a Division 1 source close to the recruitment told SNY.tv. “The boys want to go to Kentucky, the dad wants them to go to Maryland,” the source said. “The dad’s from there. He and [Maryland coach] Mark Turgeon have known each other a long time since Mark’s days at Texas A&M. But the boys want to go to Kentucky.” The source added: “I think the boys will win out. If they can be first, if nobody will commit to Kentucky first, I think the boys will go to Kentucky. The dad favors his hometown.”

from insidemdsports.com Aaron Harrison Sr responded:

“That’s just [the reporter of the story] doing his thing. I’d talked to him one time a few months ago and he re-worded what I said and took it all out of context in his article, so I don’t talk to him anymore. Maybe that’s why he had to write something. He makes up things and runs with them for attention,” Harrison said.

While Kentucky and Maryland are widely believed to be the favorites for the Harrisons, according to many the top-ranked point and shooting guard in the country, they’ve kept tight control of information relating to their recruitment – so much so that well-placed analysts and college recruiters still seem largely in the dark as to where they’ll end up.

Although it’s been a high-profile recruitment for more than two years, information leaks have been virtually non-existent because the elder Harrison has steadfastly refused to reveal any intimate details of their thought process to anyone outside of his immediate family.

“Here’s the thing. He can say it’s an unnamed source, but I promise you there’s no sources with us. Unless you’re me, my wife, Aaron or Andrew, or their grandparents, you’re not going to have anything to say because no one else knows about our confidential discussions. And my wife and our parents haven’t talked to anyone about it. I changed the kids’ numbers, so the two coaches have their number and no one else calls,” he said.


2013 Basketball Recruits, Harrison Twins
Koons Ford Terp Talk on Thursday Night at 6PM on 1580 AM–Click L...


Topics for tonight:

Preview of today’s game vs UConn

35,000 plus students already for today’s game

The quick growth of QB1 Perry Hills to be tested today

Review of Last Week’s stunning victory over Temple

Ryan Moran Promoted to Tillman’s Associate Head Coach

Sam Cassell’s eligibilty denied by NCAA

#1 Men’s soccer defeats NC State 3-2

#3 Field Hockey defeats BC 7-4 after trailing 3-0—-Hat trick for Alyssa Parker

Academic success of the Athletic Department

Women’s Soccer to play Carolina tonight at Ludwig

Terps in the NFL

Basketball Recruiting updates


2012 Basketball Recruits, 2013 Basketball Recruits