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Wizards Trying To Move Up in Draft to Get Derrick Williams

I just don’t believe the Bullets are unwilling to give up JaVal McGee to get the Arizona forward. Excluding John Wall there should not be anyone untouchable on this squad. Jordan’s fate seems to be in the 2nd round. That would be a shame.

Baltimore Bullets
Wizards No Match For Bucks at Verizon

This was not one of the Wizards finer efforts and i will leave it at that.

Listening to the postgame how Glenn Consor asked to name the all time Bullet/Wizard team only worrying about the 5 best players. I called in with my take

Earl Monroe    Wes Unseld   … Read More »

Baltimore Bullets
The King Reigns in Cleveland–Reminiscent of the Pearl’s Re...

LeBron was simply awesome last night at the Q in Cleveland. Amid chants of Traitor and Akron Hates You, the once revered King and his mates took it to the Cavs. LeBron scored 38, as his team had his back and humiliated Cleveland.  Turn the clock back 29 years , … Read More »

Baltimore Bullets