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Ravens replaced Colts, but no supplanting this gem——Great ...



BALTIMORE — I would like to think they all are still with us, that they have transferred their loyalties fully and completely from the Colts to the Ravens, that they are not only still an easy drive away from the Fell’s Point Diner, but that they … Read More »

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John Mackey Dead at 69—Long Live the Greatest Tight End Ever

When I get the replay up to tonight’s Terp talk please listen to the segment on John Mackey as I interviewed #41 Tom Matte. Tom speaks of the great career of #88 and how his end was so sad. You might change your opinion of the players position inn the … Read More »

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It Still Hurts To Recall—27 Years Ago The Colts Left Baltimore F...

I guess until the day they put me into the ground, I will never forget that fateful moment when the Irsay family–(Bob and Jimmy) ripped the heart out of so many Baltimoreans. I give Jimmy no pass and never … Read More »

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