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Johnny U Would Be Proud as Louisville Pulls Off One of The Biggest BCS...

It was only fitting that #19 Terrell Floyd scored the 1st TD for Louisville.

BCS Bowl Games
Clemson is Humiliated by the Mountaineers in the Orange Bowl

Dabo–you had a month to prepare yourr team. A month to prepare for Tavon Austin. With 10 minutes to go WVU was up 63-26 and I could not bear to watch any more of the carnage. By the way Dana Holgersen called the dogs off when WVU got to 60. 

Watching Dunbar’s Tavon Austin really hurts. What an incredible player. 

Looking at Clemson, it’s easy to see how the gap in teams in the ACC is just not that great. This has not been a great bowl season for the ACC.

BCS Bowl Games
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Review of the significance of the Miami victory

Danny O’Brien gains national praise for his performance

Kevin Dorsey, Joe Vellano, and Cameron Chism are the stars of the game

Byrd is electric like I never remember

Fans stick it out through the rain

Jake Layman is in Jerami Grant is out– the building of a top 10 2012 class by Mark Turgeon

What’s next for basketball commits

4200 Watch Maryland demolish BC 4-0 in Soccer

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It’s Official–The Military Bowl —Terps Vs ECU—...

Here are my thoughts over the selection of the University of Maryland for the Military Bowl.

My disappointment begins with the fact that 2 weeks ago my sights were on the dream of playing in the Orange Bowl as the BCS representative for the ACC. After not playing in the ACC Title game, the placement of Maryland in any of the inferior bowls (3rd through 8th) would be a letdown. The people I feel sorry for are the valiant student athletes who fought their way back from a 2-10 season to bring respectability back to the program. The selection process is clearly flawed or how else could an inferior NC State team be selected over Maryland for the 3rd place Bowl. I was at the game, The Champs Sports Bowl Committee was there, both athletic directors were there, Maryland decisively dismantled the Wolfpack. The Terps were and are clearly better. If Commissioner Swofford had us placed in the Military Bowl no matter what (with the exception being a BCS spot) then just come out early and say it.

Now the fact that the game is in DC and Maryland’s support could help make the game a success is the positive spin. The negative spin is that we were relegated to the Bowl because our home attendance was off this year. On the basis of the reasoning I have read, that attendance and travel ability supercedes record, one could make a case that USC, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Notre Dame should automatically be placed in the highest structure.

What troubles me the most is : Does this represent a total lack of respect from the ACC (All Carolina Conference). Is it bad enough that almost every year we have to play the Basketball Tournament in “neutral” Greensboro or Charlotte. Is the continued placement of our games on the internet hurting us and recruitment?

Here is the bottom line. We should support this game because it’s our players and our team that is there —not to prove a point to the ACC. It was an honor to play Navy and a honor to compete in a classic that represents our Military. We have nothing to prove. Our athletic program is as strong or stronger then any other one in the conference. We can be proud that we run a clean program with the utmost of academic standards and integrity. But let us not forget how we are being treated in the ACC.

Remember this much, nothing can take away from the fabulous job the team did this year. We finished 8-4 and were 1 play away from playing for the ACC Title.  When all is said and done there are 5 major bowls and 10 BCS representatives–that is the goal to achieve for Maryland not a fancy pitch job to a secondary Bowl.

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Oregon Leaves Neuheisel in La La Land as the Ducks Quack Over UCLA

I don’t know the final but who cares. this game was over 5 minutes into the game. oregon possesses the most prolific offense I have ever seen in College Ball. UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel looked like the infamous deer in the headlights. he had absolutely no clue on how to stop the juggernaut. Oklahoma #1—that’s a joke. The Ducks are clearly the best in the land!!!

BCS Bowl Games
Northwestern Coach Falls Victim to Field Goal Faux Pas

The best of the game on Friday was clearly the Auburn Northwestern game. It is incredible to me that Coach Pat Fitzgerald faced with a 3rd and 4 at the 28 near the end end of of regulation, elected to run the ball in the middle. As a Result  of the 2 yard gain, his Field Goal kicker, Stefan Demos–who was having an dreadful day– was faced with a 44 yard field goal.  Naturally he pulled it, but it would have been good from 35 or so. These guys never learn.

In the most pathetic , unwatchable game Cincy proved the Big East was not ready for prime time as Tim Tebow and Florida thoroughly trashed the Bearcats in the Sugar Bowl.

Terrelle pryor led THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY to a 26-17 Rose Bowl victory which Coach Tressell needed to avoid the humiliation of losing another big game.

BCS Bowl Games