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Sweet Home Alabama—Bama 42 Irish 14—NEVER A GAME

Several things are very clear:

Nick Saban is clearly the best coach in College football and #2 is not even in sight. 3 out of 4 years
NCAA Champ—-Give him 37 days to prepare and you saw what can happen

How good is Jonny Manziel? He went into Tuscaloosa and dominated this squad.

Why in the world would AJ McCarron return for his senior season?

RB Eddie Lacy probably earned an extra million or 2 off his performance.

Anxious to see Gilman’s Cyrus Jones in the backfield for the Tide.

Have you ever seen a game over so quickly. This was never a contest. Forget the fumbled punt. It was the offense that controlled this game.

Barrett Jones could start at center, guard or left tackle for the Ravens.

BCS Title Game
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BCS Title Game, Radio Shows
Alabama BCS Champs with 37-21 Victory—Empty Title?

Yes the Tide is back but was it a hollow victory? IF COLT McCOY DOESN”T GET HURT  this becomes a different game.

What in the world was Mack Brown thinking about with that shuttle pass at the end of the 1st half. Idiotic!!!

Would Jordan Shipley look good in a Ravens uniform? With a freshman QB he had 10 catches and 2 TDs.

Why –tell me why at 31-21 and Texas out of timeouts—Nick Saban needed 1 more TD. Teams never forget that kind of garbage. Ask the ole ball coach–Steve Spurrier.

Funny that when Chris Turner was injured this year, Jamarr Robinson was just not ready. As he played a few more games, he certainly developed. Garrett Gilbert was not ready for primetime early on, though he played well in the 2nd half, he still made mistake after mistake. Guys when you are up big in the 2nd half give your backup as many reps as possible. I would hate to see what would happen if #5 was injured early for the Ravens.

Mark Ingram showed a lot of class in his praise of Colt McCoy after the game.

BCS Title Game
The Eyes of Texas are Upon Us —-Texas 27 Bama 17

The entire nation minus the pompous folks from the SEC is rooting for Mack Brown and the underdog Texas Longhorns to put the carpetbagger Nick Saban in  his place in the BCS Title Game. Some key factors:

Bama has not committed a turnover in 22 quarters.

Colt McCoy will recover from his horrendous effort in the Big 12 Title Game and connect often with roommate Jordan Shipley. To do this he must get a big game out of running back Tre Newton.

The Tide as usual will rely on on its Heisman winner Mark Ingram and the receiving corps led by Julio Jones. My guess is that Texas will scheme Julio and Ingram out of a major role which means look for #4 Marquis Maze to have a big game.

Ultimately, Alabama gives up too many big plays, their top rusher Cody is no Suh, and Colt, still stinging from the Heisman snub, will rise up and eventually lead the band in The Eyes of Texas after the game. So with apologies to my friend– former Tide and Baltimore Colt linebacker, Barry Krauss, tonight Alabama and its 25 million dollar Coach are going down.

Tune into Terp Talk tonight as Texas fanatic, Tim Rosolio will provide a live report from Pasadena.

BCS Title Game
The Eyes of Texas are Upon You–Texas 27 Alabama 17

Ten days, I believed this would be a Crimson Tide runaway but then today I read the Sports Illustrated synopsis of the game. Texas has defensive speed the likes of which Bama hasn’t seen. Also, Colt McCoy is stinging from the loss of the Heisman due to his horrific performance against Nebraska. Bama’s QB is a Freshman and Mark Ingram will not see a 100 yard day against Texas. “Hook em Horns” an upset is in the works. Tim Rosolio will be covering the game live for Terp Talk and will report prior to kickoff at Pasadena!!!

BCS Title Game, College Football