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Crazies Serenade Terps Into The Big With 84-64 Victory


So the game is over and I have to endure the chants for 2 1/2 hours such as USA, USA at Alex, We won’t miss you, Don’t come back, ACC ACC, Not our rivals, and all the while Coach K is urging the crowd to continue. I hang around for the Coach K presser where the Carolina press guys lobbed softballs and then I asked very simply “Coach it seems like the fans are ecstatic to be rid of Maryland–how do you feel about it?” (The following audio should be started around the 3:40 mark to hear the question and answer). Memo-42 Obviously I must have touched a nerve. But I wonder how Coach K really feels. Maybe he is happy that the Terps will soon be gone.

At halftime I overheard two Carolina writers talking about what a bad decision it was to move to the BIG, and how Terrapin nation was solidly against the move. Needless to say, I told these guys they were clueless and how great the BIG was going to be for the Terps. They called me part of a lunatic fringe. I then brought up that Maryland was always the stepchild of the ACC and prime example was the ACC Tournament being in Greensboro 90% of the time. They called it a neutral court to which the laughter it brought to me almost made me sick.

As I left Cameron Indoor my only thought was Sayonara.

Turge was pretty content with the Terps effort and offensive performance today. No doubt Duke played excellently. Quinn Cook played as well as I have seen him play and the freshman Sulaimon was outstanding with 9-13 shooting for 25 points. Seth Curry definitely seemed to be hobbling at some points during the game.However the Terps hung with the Devils for most of the game until Mason Plumlee got hot and the rest was history.

Dez started off with 7 points and 5 bounds by the 4 minute break but quieted down afterwards. Charles Mitchell is back scoring 13 on 5-8 shooting. Alex had a quiet 8 point 10 rebound game. He was only able to get 6 shots in 34 minutes. But he did have 1 magnificent only early in the game only to be matched by a reverse dunk by Plumlee late in the game.

Seth Allen was suspended for the first half for what Turgeon referred to as a minor infraction. He was no factor in the game.

2 things were consistent with the Terps effort today: they won the rounding battle 43-34 and again were plaqued by 14 turnovers. Duke shot a high 52.% from the field including 11-22 from the 3 line.

Nick struggled a bit at the point having trouble with Quinn Cook’s pressure. PeShon just cannot get a break as a couple of his layup attempts teased the bucket but fell off the rim. It breaks my heart to see him struggling with his game because he is such a good kid.

Believe it or not there were lots of purple jerseys throughout the arena. Must have been Duke fans from Baltimore.

I am about to watch the game again so I will add to the blog tomorrow if I notice anything. The Terps (15-5 overall and 3-4 in the ACC) are now desperate for a win Tuesday night at FSU.

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Lady Terps Live on the Big 10 Network—I Signed up Tonight

THE BTN is the real deal. I enjoy watching every Terrapin team. All sports are covered on the BTN. Last night the Lady Terps game at Nebraska was on the tube.

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Turgeon and Cirovski Remark About Fundraising at Maryland (from the S...

“My last line in my interview to Kevin Anderson was, ‘I’m not going to fundraise.’ Well that’s all I’ve done is fundraise since I’ve been here. Hopefully down the road those days are over,” said Turgeon, who had to push back his team’s final practice for Tuesday’s home game against Lafayette in order to attend the news conference. “We’re leaving one great conference and going to another one. I came to be the basketball coach at Maryland. That is a great job no matter what league we’re in and we’re going to do great things no matter what league we’re in.”

Said longtime men’s soccer coach Sasho Cirovski: “It’s been hard coaching at Maryland, the last six or seven years in particular. I feel like a full-time fundraiser. I feel like we’ve been swimming against the current for so long. It’ll be nice to dedicate more time to recruiting and coaching and not have to worry as much about some of our necessities.”

Big Ten Expansion
Mixed Emotions on Transfer to Big Ten—Many of the Positive Thoughts

Feel free to comment all you want  on this post–This will be a No Spin Zone

Much of the reaction to the switch to the Big Ten has been mixed. This is certainly to be expected. Over the 50 plus years we have been in the ACC there have been tremendous moments that we will review over the next year. Yet the times are changing. I guarantee many schools in the same financial situation that Maryland has been in are reeling now. Maryland was far better to be proactive.

Some of the positive thoughts.

Many times when a business needs financial help, it has to resort to extreme measures. In this case Maryland was able to solve its financial crisis by upgrading into the Big Ten. If you don’t think it is an upgrade just check out the proposed football schedule in the blog below.

The strength of the Big Ten TV Network is unreal. Just the first night, there was more talk about Maryland then I have ever heard before.

Read the words and wisdom of our HOF coach Gary Williams. He hits the reasons on the nose.

Dr Loh and Kevin Anderson stated one of the obvious causes that precipitated such a move. One of the bleakest days in Maryland’s athletic history happened  few months back when Kevin Anderson had to inform 8 teams that the University could no longer fund their programs. I spoke with Kevin that night and he was devastated. Dr Loh emphasized that with this move today Maryland will never face this situation again. In fact, immediately a study will be launched to see if it is possible that any of the removed teams could be revived. 

Many people have said said only basketball and football matter. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. The student athlete on the Swimming team trains just as hard as the one on the football team. Being a swimmer means as much to him or her.

I truly believe that Maryland has had 2nd class status in the ACC for as long as I can remember. Why must we believe that Greensboro is a neutral site for the ACC Tournament?

Who are our rivals in the ACC after 50 odd years. Name one in football, and we are continually scoffed at by the Carolina teams. Well those days are over. Duke and Carolina got their wish and now they can rejoice in being 2 teams from the South again whose games become meaningless in the Baltimore Washington market.

I certainly am not shocked in seeing former players Elmore, etc being dismayed about the move. Their lives were sculptured by their days in the ACC. But if it is good for the University they should be happy. I guess time will tell. But the we are a Big 10 school now. Or next July 1st. A lame duck year might not be pretty as we have incurred the wrath of every ACC School. So be it.

I forgot to mention that maybe one day Maryland will be in the Rose Bowl. Please do not interrupt my dream.

Big Ten Expansion
Big Ten in Celebration over the Addition of Maryland —Just Watch...

It’s been one night in the Big Ten and I just watched more Terrapin coverage then any ACC Network show has ever had. Of course that would be if I could find where the ACC Shows are located. 

One point continually made on the network was that the Big 10 was really impressed with the success Maryland has had in the non revenue sports. They anxiously await to participate with us in Lacrosse, Field hockey and soccer .

The whole show was surreal listening to every AD talk glowingly about the Terps.


Big Ten Expansion
SI.com Lays Out The Financial Windfall for Maryland—Terps Stand ...

from si.com

 The University of Maryland stands to make nearly $100 million more in conference revenue by 2020 with its switch from the ACC to the Big Ten, according to projected revenue information presented to the school by Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, SI.com has learned.

The projected information shows how Maryland could afford its $50 million buyout from the ACC, a fee the school is expected to attempt to reduce through legal action.

When Maryland joins the Big Ten in 2014, it projects to make more than $12 million more than it would have in the ACC. That projected difference jumps to $19 million annually in 2017 after the Big Ten renegotiates its television contract.

According to the official, Maryland projects to make $32 million when it joins the league for the 2014-15 season, well beyond the ACC’s projected payout of $20 million.

The real jump in projected revenue comes in 2017, after the Big Ten negotiates its new television contract. The Big Ten payout that year projects to $43 million, dwarfing the $24 million the ACC projects to pay out that year. During his Monday press conference, Maryland president Wallace D. Loh said the school’s motivation to realign is largely financial. Delany declined comments regarding finances in a telephone interview Monday.

Here’s how the financial payout per school breaks down for upcoming years, according to the information Delany relayed to Maryland officials: The school will make $32 million in 2014, $33 million in 2015, $34.5 million in 2016 and then $43 million in 2017.

Those numbers continue to steadily climb, as the Big Ten payout projects to jump to $44 million in 2018 and $45 million in 2019.

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/pete_thamel/11/19/maryland-big-ten-money/index.html#ixzz2CjkG3SDB

Big Ten Expansion
BREAKING NEWS!!!!! It’s Official–Terps are in the BIG 10

Much more tonite. The Times They Are A Changing

Big Ten Expansion
Tick Tock Tick Tock–terrapintimes.com Reports the Votes are Comi...

This could be a monumental day for Maryland Athletics.

There are many divided on this topic but it certainly appears that we are closer to having real reason to hate Urban Meyer.

Gary Williams’ support of the move means a tremendous amount to me and most Terrapin fans. For years and years we have been treated like the stepchild of the ACC. Our presence is a necessity but our successes are distasteful for the Carolina controlled league.

But the bottom line is Maryland needs the financial help this move will bring. For whatever reasons, the buck has not stretched deeply enough into College Park. How may times can we call on our great supporters to bail us out. Kevin Plank, Steve Bishotti, Barry Gossett, etc have been called on constantly when things are tough. The entrance into the Big Ten will prevent any future loss of Terrapin teams. It was a very bleak day a few months back when hundreds of Maryland student athletes were informed their sports could no longer be funded. I hope that in my lifetime this will never have to happen again.

The first point naysayers bring up is Maryland Duke–This one way rivalry will most often be reduced to 1 game a year starting next year. Maryland West Virginia will continue. Maryland Johns Hopkins will continue . Maryland Penn State shall return. Matyland Northwestern (Women’s Lax) will begin.

Tick Tock Tick Tock—there will be so much more to say over the next months. Let’s just wait and see if it goes down.

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“The Maestro” Gary Williams Weighs In–“Move to...
Former Maryland coach Gary Williams said today that the school’s proposed move to the Big Ten would be a tremendous boost for the Terps’ athletic program.
In a telephone interview with The Baltimore Sun today, Williams said the school’s long history with ACC doesn’t pay the bills.
“You look around today with what’s going on, and those schools [in the Big Ten] are certainly in keeping with what Maryland feels about academics. You look at a school like Notre Dame that signed its own TV contract and are now partially joining the ACC. They’re looking out for their university. I think Maryland is looking at what’s best for them for the future. It’s not about today.”  
Williams, who played at Maryland in the mid-1960s, returned to his alma mater from Ohio State in 1989 after coaching in the Big Ten for three years. He also served as an analyst on the Big Ten Network last season after retiring in May 2011.         
“I coached in the [ACC] for 22 years. There’s great memories there, without a doubt. At the same time, you have to look at what’s best for the university,” Williams said. “I’m familiar with the Big Ten, coaching there and working at the Big Ten Network last year. I think I have a decent perspective. If I was coaching at Maryland now, historically in football there’s been good years [for the ACC], but the league has never been where it can pull your football program along a little bit.”
Williams thinks that many older fans will look forward to renewing a rivalry with Penn State in football — the teams last played in 1993 — and that the basketball team will get out from the shadow of Duke and North Carolina to play in what is arguably a stronger league right now.
“Who’s our rival in football? You can’t come up with a name and neither can I,” Williams said. “Who’s our rival in basketball? We can say Duke and Carolina, but we basically will be playing them once a year now. Duke and Carolina, that’s the rivalry. They don’t look at it as Maryland being their rival. The old ACC where you play everyone twice a year and see who’s the best team at the end of the year, that’s not happening anymore. The Big Ten, last I checked, had five teams in the top 20 in basketball.”
Williams said that joining the Big Ten would be a boost for athletes in non-revenue sports.
“That’s a tremendous thing for all your sports. [Big Ten Network] reaches 82 million households. They put on all the Olympic sports and they get national attention,” Williams said. 
Williams said that he has talked with Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson about the possible move.
“Every once in a while it takes courage, without a doubt. There will be people who are not happy about leaving the ACC, but if you weigh everything, academically and sportswise,” Williams said. “You have to look at schools — why Nebraska did it, why Notre Dame did it. You can go right down the line. You have to get out of the mentality, we’re different because we’re Maryland. You’re not.”
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Not a Done Deal But It’s Getting Closer–The Biggest Terrap...

This is the topic that has taken over all conversation in Terrapin nation. The handwriting is on the wall–The Reward from the Big Ten is just too big not to accept in my opinion. I keep thinking about the sadness in losing 8 teams just a few months back. The athletic department has been crippled financially. This move must be made!!!


Supposed $90—$100 million in the pot for Maryland— WOW!!

Fiscal responsibilty alone would probably leave the Terps with no other choice then making the move.

Tremendous upgrade in football and quality of football opponents.

Tremendous revenue received from the Big Ten network. The ACC coverage palls in relation to Big 10 coverage

Immediate rivalry with Penn State

New regular opponents–Michigan State, IU, Michigan

Tremendous local following of the schools would easily enhance football attendance at Byrd

A breakaway from the malaise of playing the same opponents year after year. Note the Duke home & home setup will be gone after this year.

Tremendous Women’s Lacrosse rivalry with Northwestern

100 Million Dollars

Would not have to suffer through a Dukie V Broadcast of Maryland Duke

Would no longer have to accept the premise that the Greensboro Coliseum is a neutral venue

Money available to upgrade facilities and properly operate the athletic programs without having to continually ask the same great alumni (Plank, Bishotti, Gossett,etc.) to bail the program out



Men’s lacrosse would lose Super Conference in the ACC–But let’s be real–Who is our real Lacrosse Rival–for over 100 years it has Been Johns Hopkins–And perhaps now we see the growth of Loyola into a new rival

Duke and Carolina games for Men and Women would be gone—But is Duke truly our rival—In the 70’s it was South carolina–then NC State, then North Carolina and maybe for a few years Duke—time to move on


The ACC has always treated Maryland like a stepchild it had to occasionally pacify but no more



Big 10, Big Ten Expansion
Updates on Conference Realignment

From my readings on the Internet.

It looks like Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State might be heading to the new PAC 16. The ACC is still talking to Texas but is insisting that Kansas be the partner to come to the ACC. Swofford obviously has Mega Basketball on his mind.

I have been critical of Swofford over the years but no more. With his leadership, he has catapulted the ACC into the forefront by being proactive. I believe the scare of losing FSU and Clemson a month ago was the wake up call.

Apparently West Virginia and Villanova were 2 of the teams that applied for admission to the ACC.

Swofford has mentioned The Garden and The Verizon Center as possible future venues for the ACC tournament.

Another scenario being discussed would be the inclusion of Villanova, and Notre Dame in the ACC picture excluding football.

Kirk Herbstreet said on ESPN that even with the 4 super conferences and 64 teams he still doesn’t see a playoff. Makes no sense at all.

Big Ten Expansion, Conference Realignment
It’s Official–The Military Bowl —Terps Vs ECU—...

Here are my thoughts over the selection of the University of Maryland for the Military Bowl.

My disappointment begins with the fact that 2 weeks ago my sights were on the dream of playing in the Orange Bowl as the BCS representative for the ACC. After not playing in the ACC Title game, the placement of Maryland in any of the inferior bowls (3rd through 8th) would be a letdown. The people I feel sorry for are the valiant student athletes who fought their way back from a 2-10 season to bring respectability back to the program. The selection process is clearly flawed or how else could an inferior NC State team be selected over Maryland for the 3rd place Bowl. I was at the game, The Champs Sports Bowl Committee was there, both athletic directors were there, Maryland decisively dismantled the Wolfpack. The Terps were and are clearly better. If Commissioner Swofford had us placed in the Military Bowl no matter what (with the exception being a BCS spot) then just come out early and say it.

Now the fact that the game is in DC and Maryland’s support could help make the game a success is the positive spin. The negative spin is that we were relegated to the Bowl because our home attendance was off this year. On the basis of the reasoning I have read, that attendance and travel ability supercedes record, one could make a case that USC, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Notre Dame should automatically be placed in the highest structure.

What troubles me the most is : Does this represent a total lack of respect from the ACC (All Carolina Conference). Is it bad enough that almost every year we have to play the Basketball Tournament in “neutral” Greensboro or Charlotte. Is the continued placement of our games on the internet hurting us and recruitment?

Here is the bottom line. We should support this game because it’s our players and our team that is there —not to prove a point to the ACC. It was an honor to play Navy and a honor to compete in a classic that represents our Military. We have nothing to prove. Our athletic program is as strong or stronger then any other one in the conference. We can be proud that we run a clean program with the utmost of academic standards and integrity. But let us not forget how we are being treated in the ACC.

Remember this much, nothing can take away from the fabulous job the team did this year. We finished 8-4 and were 1 play away from playing for the ACC Title.  When all is said and done there are 5 major bowls and 10 BCS representatives–that is the goal to achieve for Maryland not a fancy pitch job to a secondary Bowl.

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