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The Boss is “MIRACULOUS” In Philly at the Wells Fargo Center

Here’s the scoop–Springsteen will be at Verizon in DC on Sunday night—If you are a fan of the Boss in any way shape, or form don’t miss it!!! if you already plan on going you are in for a treat of epic proportions!!!

The Boss played of almost 3 hours starting about 20 minutes late as usual. 7 out of the first 8 songs were from the Wrecking Ball Album. Though I had heard only a few on the Springsteen channel—the songs were were very strong. The 3rd song as it has been on virtually every show was Badlands where the horn section led by Clarence’s replacement, nephew Jake Clemons provided tremendous energy to the song. 

My favorite songs from the concert in order were:

#1–Land of Hopes and Dreams (Played in the encore)

#2 Badlands

#3 Wrecking Ball

#4 Promised Land

#5 My City in Ruins (introduces entire band)

#6 The Rising

#7 Thunder Road— in the video

#8 Soul Song Tribute

I always have heard that no one in Philadelphia leaves any game or concert until is 100% over, and as I left at he start of the final song–10th Avenue Freeze out to be the traffic since we had a 90 minute ride home. No one had left!!!!

To every Springsteen freak I know–get to DC Sunday night. Somehow I have to convince Kathy why it is important to see the show again!!!


Bruce Springsteen