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Some topics for the show today:

Great closing for the Orioles —Do we have a bullpen now?

Do the O’s need Prince Fielder?

The common goal of Danny and Joe Flacco this week– use all of your receivers

Ravens Rams Preview–Judgment Day for the purple

Terps Temple preview

Sports Boosters event with Mark Turgeon

Kobe offered 6.7 million to play in Italy

Collapse of the Red Sox?

Millions on the line for final PGA Tournament

Owning a race horse

Gridiron grunts—communicate directly with NFL players

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Les Miles Headed To Michigan?

I can’t imagine how LSU could let Miles leave. LSU officials were meeting with Miles last night –trying to talk him into staying.

College Football
Auburn, Under Armour 22 Oregon, Nike 19 —Auburn Takes Title On Fluke Running Play

Yes it was a great game. It’s amazing that everyone froze during Michael Dyer’s game winning run. It’s just a little disconcerting that the player of the game Nick Fairley seems to be a cheap shot artist. Lee Corso corrected one of my predictions last night . I had said that the excessive timeouts worked for the offense but at second thought the timeouts slowed the game down and gave rest to the Auburn fron four that dominated the game.  Nick Fairley’s stock went way up as a result of this game but with all the dominance of Auburn, Oregon squandered 2 red zone trips that could have tuyrned the game. I bet Stanford wishes they had a replay of the Oregon game. It is clear that despite all the questions about the AUBURN PROGRAM, CAM NEWTON AND AUBURN ARE TRUELY #1 IN THE LAND.

College Football
Michigan Fires Rich Rod –Who’s Next? Leach?

Karl, I was wrong about this one. I thought Rodriquez would be successful at Michigan. 15-22 in 3 years gets you the axe. It also seems obvious that Jim Harbaugh has no interest in dealing with the mess RR created. A storied program needs help.

College Football
Audio from Edsall Press Conference

Embedded below is the audio from Randy Edsall’s introductory press conference today.  I’ll have some thoughts and analysis on the presser over the next few days, but if you didn’t get to catch the broadcast on TerpsTV, take a listen to the audio below.  The audio cuts out with about 5 minutes left in the press conference as there wasn’t enough space on my recorder (my apologies!).

1-3-11 Edsall Press Conference by joshf823

College Football, Maryland Football
The U Stands Up for The ACC–Destroys Pitt 31-3

The U CRUSHED Pitt and Dave Wannstadt on the road tonight. Let’s face it the ACC needed this win in a big way.

College Football
Disastrous Day For ACC—FSU, Hokies, Georgia Tech Humiliated–OSU Waxes The U

Oklahoma Destroys FSU 47-17

OSU 36 Miami 24

Kansas 28 Georgia Tech 25

JMU 21 Hokies 16—internet Boards calling for Beamer’s head–Too Bad

College Football
Opening Night For College Football


Utah Defeats #15 Pitt inOvertime—super game

Matt Barkley throws 4 1st half TDs for the Men of Troy (USC)—Good riddance Pete Carroll

The U , OSU, South Carolina, Wake, Rutgers  Romp

College Football