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FSU 41 Terps 14–No Matter what anyone says–Losing 4 QBs is...

My buddy Roman called me up on the way home from the FSU game and asked a simple question–Who was the backup to Tom Matte when #41 ws thrust into the starting QB role for the Colts? I had no answer . Unitas and then Cuozzo were knocked out and in came Matte (after Ed Brown was allowed to play the final game against the Rams). 

Randy Edsall could not go to the waiver wires and pick up a QB. There were no moves left to be made. I DON”T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS< IF CJ BROWN WOULD HAVE BEEN THE QB THIS TEAM WOULD HAVE WON 7 OR 8 GAMES. The Terps were 4-2 with Perry Hills, a Freshman QB who had been on campus for 3 weeks when he started game 1. Enough said!

I was glad to see Kevin Dorsey get a couple of TD catches and enjoyed watching Kenny Tate have his best game of the year. As for the game 41-14 says it all. I will not miss playing FSU when we leave the ACC.

Thank you Seniors for sticking it out with Randy. I only wish every one of you the best of luck in life. Joe Vellano, I anxiously await watching you on Sundays next year.

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WVU To The Big 12–One More Death BlowTo The Big East

It seems inevitable. After being rejected by the ACC, the Mountaineers seem to be headed to the Big 12. Will the ACC stick at 14 or will it add 2 more teams?

Conference Realignment
Swofford To the Irish—- It’s All in or No Consideration

The commish has this right. Notre Dame is just another school after football. The ACC doesn’t needNotre Dame for anything but football. Reap the rewards of the strength of the ACC across the athletic team scope. But no football team–look elsewhere.

Conference Realignment
Rebroadcast of Kelly & Associates Insurance Group Terp Talk–9-17-2011

Kelly &Associates Insurance Group Terp Talk REPLAY

Terp Talk DC Saturday Morning 09-17-11


Hosts–Bruce Guests; Rick Jaklitsch
Subjects–Maryland WVU Preview, Basketball Recruits, Conference Realignment, Uniform frenzy





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Koons Ford Presents the SportS Maven Saturday Morning at 9 AM on terpt...

Some topics for the show today:

Great closing for the Orioles —Do we have a bullpen now?

Do the O’s need Prince Fielder?

The common goal of Danny and Joe Flacco this week– use all of your receivers

Ravens Rams Preview–Judgment Day for the purple

Terps Temple preview

Sports Boosters event with Mark Turgeon

Kobe offered 6.7 million to play in Italy

Collapse of the Red Sox?

Millions on the line for final PGA Tournament

Owning a race horse

Gridiron grunts—communicate directly with NFL players

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BREAKING NEWS: PAC 12 Dismisses Any Notion of Further Expansion—...

Just past midnight last night, the PAC12 closed the door to Texas and their Big 12 running mates. The Reason Most likely was Texas’ refusal to share TV revenue from the Longhorn network.

Andy Katz from ESPN steadfastly said that UConn is doing everything in it’s power to join the ACC.

Conference Realignment
Updates on Conference Realignment

From my readings on the Internet.

It looks like Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State might be heading to the new PAC 16. The ACC is still talking to Texas but is insisting that Kansas be the partner to come to the ACC. Swofford obviously has Mega Basketball on his mind.

I have been critical of Swofford over the years but no more. With his leadership, he has catapulted the ACC into the forefront by being proactive. I believe the scare of losing FSU and Clemson a month ago was the wake up call.

Apparently West Virginia and Villanova were 2 of the teams that applied for admission to the ACC.

Swofford has mentioned The Garden and The Verizon Center as possible future venues for the ACC tournament.

Another scenario being discussed would be the inclusion of Villanova, and Notre Dame in the ACC picture excluding football.

Kirk Herbstreet said on ESPN that even with the 4 super conferences and 64 teams he still doesn’t see a playoff. Makes no sense at all.

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ACC Commissioner Swofford says Conference Might Be Content With 14 Tea...

The ACC will expand to 16 teams. 2 of the following teams might be added: UConn, Rutgers, South Florida, Notre Dame (doubtful), Texas (very doubtful), Temple.

Conference Realignment
The Death of the Big East—The Birth of the First Super Conferenc...

Now let’s land UConn and have the most dynamic hoops Conference known to man!!!!!!

Let’s analyze the New ACC in Hoops

Obviously with 16 teams, the probable final number in the league, home and homes could disappear. If 16 were broken into 2 regional groups of 8,  3 teams in your region could be home and home and then 1 each against the other 12 — a total of 18 games in conference. Could a Northern group be UConn, Cuse, BC, Pitt, UVA, Rutgers,Virginia Tech and Maryland?  That would make the South–Duke, Carolina, Clemson, FSU, Wake, NC State, Georgia Tech, and the U.  Utterly awesome. The Duke home and home could collapse. so be it.

One thing that I know will collapse is the perennial ACC Tourney in Carolina. Maybe it would alternate with the Garden. This is Big Time. The ACC Tournament would become huge like it used to be.



Conference Realignment
Dr Loh And Kevin Anderson Comment on Expansion of the ACC

President Loh:

“As one of the founding members of the Atlantic Coast Conference, the University of Maryland is proud of its long tradition of academic and athletic excellence. Today, we welcome two distinguished universities – Syracuse University and the University of Pittsburgh – that are a very good fit with our conference. They join a group that includes some of the finest institutions of higher learning in the country. We look forward to collaborating with them in our educational and research enterprises and competing with them across a broad range of sports. The University of Maryland is proud to be a part of a conference that spans the entire eastern seaboard, with a continuing and vibrant future of national leadership in higher education and intercollegiate athletics.”

Director Anderson:

“It’s rewarding to think that there are a number of prestigious institutions like the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse University that want to become a part of what the ACC has become both on and off the field. These two institutions are a great fit for the league based on the quality of the athletics programs and based on the quality of their academic reputations.

“We already compete against Pitt and Syracuse in a number of our sports and have appreciated the quality and sportsmanship of those teams. The competition against quality programs in a number of sports will certainly enhance the experience for our student-athletes.

“From a regional standpoint, adding these two high-quality schools will enhance the marketing footprint of the league. Both Pittsburgh and New York City will offer the conference new opportunities to attract fans in all our sports. We look forward to discussions about the future of the league and would encourage a future expansion.”

Conference Realignment
Valiant Comeback Ends In Heartbreak as WVU Defeats Terps 37-31

Observations of a disappointing day

No excuses—the Mountaineers were the better team today but the loss of the 2 receivers threw the Terps off early and thus allowed WV to get that early lead.

What I loved about Danny today was that even though he was off —- when the score was 34-10, there was not an ounce of panic in him. That’s when he played his best ball of the day. It is rare to win on any level of football when you throw 3 pics. But QB1 never through in the towel and willed his team back into the game.

I heard much ranting post game that he should have run on 3rd down but I have to watch the replay to verify.

Props to Geno Smith for a super game and for coming through on the key drive of the game. He basically

4th and goal from the 7 yard line, down 34-10, I gotta kick the FG Randy elected not to and the Terps failed to convert. Still scratching my head.

Davin Meggett had a superb game today along with DJ Adams. The rushing game was strong and the mixture of plays created the comeback.

Coach Edsall was very upset post game especially about the myriad of mistakes.

It seemed like a virtual sellout today. Next up for the Terps is Temple who lost a heartbreaker to the Nittany Lions 14-10.

Hats off to the ACC for acting in a preemptive sort of way by striking first and adding Pitt and Cuse. Basketball just improved big time!!!!

Miami defeated OSU 17-6. Seems like the Ohio State University is in for some hard times.

The blitz packages were working today and the defense was certainly stinger when pressure was put on Geno Smith. Before you heap too much criticism on the define remember this is one of the best offenses in the country. Clemson and Georgia Tech both exploded for points today as the ACC might be as strong as it has been in years.

It’s official—–Syracuse and Pitt are now in the ACC!!!!,!

Much more tomorrow.

2012 Basketball Recruits, Conference Realignment, Danny O'Brien, Maryland Football, Randy Edsall
Texas To The ACC—A Little Steam Is Gathering

from chetoliver.com and Chad Scot

The Longhorns, the source said, have established three criteria when it comes to finding a future home:

The first is the well-being of its student-athletes. Traveling back and forth across the country and different time zones can make life extremely difficult for students trying to cram for midterms. The ACC with its Eastern time zone would present a more favorable option for game times and late-night travel than the Pac-12.

Texas’ second metric is economics. The Joneses don’t take pay cuts. Texas has a $154 million annual budget and isn’t interested in joining a conference where its brand or its profit margin takes a hit. And this includes Texas’ three-letter issue. Not SEC. But LHN. Texas has no desire to part, alter or share any aspect of The Longhorn Network, but it would not be able to retain the network as is in the Pac-12.

The Longhorns’ third goal is to make a decision that agrees with fans’ interests by maintaining traditions and some rivalries, at least the one against OU if not A&M.

Those discounting the ACC should remind themselves that Nebraska is in the Big 10, and Baylor has been the most powerful and feared institution in the Big 12, well, over the past couple of weeks. The threat of litigation does wonders.

A high-ranking Texas source said that the ACC has been in contact with Texas, but added that talks hadn’t progressed to a mature phase. In fact, the source wasn’t sure what other schools the ACC would look to add besides Texas.

Conference Realignment