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FSU 41 Terps 14–No Matter what anyone says–Losing 4 QBs is a valid excuse for what happened this year

My buddy Roman called me up on the way home from the FSU game and asked a simple question–Who was the backup to Tom Matte when #41 ws thrust into the starting QB role for the Colts? I had no answer . Unitas and then Cuozzo were knocked out and in came Matte (after Ed Brown was allowed to play the final game against the Rams). 

Randy Edsall could not go to the waiver wires and pick up a QB. There were no moves left to be made. I DON”T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS< IF CJ BROWN WOULD HAVE BEEN THE QB THIS TEAM WOULD HAVE WON 7 OR 8 GAMES. The Terps were 4-2 with Perry Hills, a Freshman QB who had been on campus for 3 weeks when he started game 1. Enough said!

I was glad to see Kevin Dorsey get a couple of TD catches and enjoyed watching Kenny Tate have his best game of the year. As for the game 41-14 says it all. I will not miss playing FSU when we leave the ACC.

Thank you Seniors for sticking it out with Randy. I only wish every one of you the best of luck in life. Joe Vellano, I anxiously await watching you on Sundays next year.

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WVU To The Big 12–One More Death BlowTo The Big East

It seems inevitable. After being rejected by the ACC, the Mountaineers seem to be headed to the Big 12. Will the ACC stick at 14 or will it add 2 more teams?

Conference Realignment
Swofford To the Irish—- It’s All in or No Consideration

The commish has this right. Notre Dame is just another school after football. The ACC doesn’t needNotre Dame for anything but football. Reap the rewards of the strength of the ACC across the athletic team scope. But no football team–look elsewhere.

Conference Realignment
Rebroadcast of Kelly & Associates Insurance Group Terp Talk–9-17-2011

Kelly &Associates Insurance Group Terp Talk REPLAY

Terp Talk DC Saturday Morning 09-17-11


Hosts–Bruce Guests; Rick Jaklitsch
Subjects–Maryland WVU Preview, Basketball Recruits, Conference Realignment, Uniform frenzy





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Koons Ford Presents the SportS Maven Saturday Morning at 9 AM on terptalk.com and ESPN 1300

Some topics for the show today:

Great closing for the Orioles —Do we have a bullpen now?

Do the O’s need Prince Fielder?

The common goal of Danny and Joe Flacco this week– use all of your receivers

Ravens Rams Preview–Judgment Day for the purple

Terps Temple preview

Sports Boosters event with Mark Turgeon

Kobe offered 6.7 million to play in Italy

Collapse of the Red Sox?

Millions on the line for final PGA Tournament

Owning a race horse

Gridiron grunts—communicate directly with NFL players

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BREAKING NEWS: PAC 12 Dismisses Any Notion of Further Expansion—Big East Schools Pledge to Stay Put

Just past midnight last night, the PAC12 closed the door to Texas and their Big 12 running mates. The Reason Most likely was Texas’ refusal to share TV revenue from the Longhorn network.

Andy Katz from ESPN steadfastly said that UConn is doing everything in it’s power to join the ACC.

Conference Realignment
Updates on Conference Realignment

From my readings on the Internet.

It looks like Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State might be heading to the new PAC 16. The ACC is still talking to Texas but is insisting that Kansas be the partner to come to the ACC. Swofford obviously has Mega Basketball on his mind.

I have been critical of Swofford over the years but no more. With his leadership, he has catapulted the ACC into the forefront by being proactive. I believe the scare of losing FSU and Clemson a month ago was the wake up call.

Apparently West Virginia and Villanova were 2 of the teams that applied for admission to the ACC.

Swofford has mentioned The Garden and The Verizon Center as possible future venues for the ACC tournament.

Another scenario being discussed would be the inclusion of Villanova, and Notre Dame in the ACC picture excluding football.

Kirk Herbstreet said on ESPN that even with the 4 super conferences and 64 teams he still doesn’t see a playoff. Makes no sense at all.

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ACC Commissioner Swofford says Conference Might Be Content With 14 Teams

The ACC will expand to 16 teams. 2 of the following teams might be added: UConn, Rutgers, South Florida, Notre Dame (doubtful), Texas (very doubtful), Temple.

Conference Realignment