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“We’ve got to get Torrey’s Deal done” – Bisciott...

Wide receiver Torrey Smith still has one more year left on his rookie four-year contract, but the Ravens want to lock him up long term before he plays out his existing deal.

Per Zenitz, Bisciotti briefly saw Smith’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, on his way to a meeting at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes and told him, “We’ve got to get [Torrey’s deal] done.”

The goal is to agree to a new deal very quickly, even before the NFL draft in May.

The Ravens want to button up the roster as much as possible – for this year and beyond –  to ensure that General Manager Ozzie Newsome can truly draft the best players available, rather than by position of need.

“Torrey is a Raven. We’re going to work that out, and I really, really would like to see that,” Bisciotti told Zenitz.

Smith, the Ravens’ No. 1 receiver, is currently scheduled to make $837,168 this season, according to spotrac.com. There are 15 other players on the team that make more.

“He’s scheduled to make very little money relative to his accomplishments in his fourth year of a second-round rookie deal, so we can give him a really good deal and not impact our salary cap negatively,” Bisciotti said. “So nothing would make me happier if before the draft [that can be worked out].

“That would be it. If I can get Torrey signed to a long-term deal, then we can go into that draft and take the best available players no matter where they are.”

from baltimoreravens.com

Drew Rosenhaus
Drew Pulls His Magic Again—Seattle Signs T.O.

Terrell Owens hasn’t played a down in the NFL since 2010—He failed in the Indoor League—Yet the #1 agent in the land, Drew Rosenhaus,  finds a home for him in Seattle.

Drew Rosenhaus
Drew Rosenhaus Gets Terrell Pryor into NFL Supplemental Draft

I guess this is why Drew represents more NFL players then any other agent in the country. Pryor will be eligible for the Supplemental draft but he will serve a 5 game suspension for the team that signs him. However, with such a late start to learn the job, he probably would not have played anyway.

Drew Rosenhaus