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#3 Women’s Soccer Shuts Out St Louis 2-0 Now 5-0
Fight Song
Arietta, Roberts make Home Opener Special 5-1 O’s for 4th Win in a Row

Here is the bottom line–There is a buzz back in Btown about the O’s. Everywhere you go that is what the folks are talking about. It’s been a long time and I hope it is not just a fleeting moment in time.

Keep Brian Roberts off the 20 steal mentality. Give him a bonus if he has none. He is the glue of the lineup. remember last year his return to the lineup somewhat coincided with Buck’s return.

Baltimore Orioles Baseball, Fight Song
It’s Back—Ravens To Play Ravenized Version of the Colts Fight Song

Happy days —-for those doubters watch the Stadium come alive every time the Ravens score. Great move–long overdue.

Fight Song
78% Of The Vote Goes Way Of Old Colts Fight Song

This is a no brainer and I am sure that our  owner, Steve Bishotti is on board.  Hopefully the song will re-debut this Thursday night. Play it after Ravens’ scores and maybe let Edgar ride around the Stadium on a white horse named Dixie. By the way Bishotti is a virtual historian on the old Colts. He also has stepped to preserve much of the old Colt memorabilia. Here are the new words to the tune :

Baltimore Ravens Lets go

And put that ball across the line

So fly on with talons spread wide

Go in and strike with Ravens pride


Ravens dark wings take to flight

Dive in and show them your might

For Baltimore and Maryland

You will fly on to victory

Fight Song