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Joe Flacco
Here Comes the Flacco Attacks—Ravens Home Win Streak Ended By St...

I don’t think I can take another week of the Joe Flacco attacks again.  Joe had a bad game. Period. Afew drops by Bouldin and Torrey didn’t help, but the fact is the fact. It just seems like this revisited past disasters when Harrison stripped joe of the ball.  However, 4 years , 4 playoffs and 9-3 this year. Go find someone better. I am not wanting to wait for years of development.

By the way Charley Batch had a field day against our linebackers. Only a few absolute overthrows by Batch kept the Ravens in control.

What was up with Tomlin handshake dissing Harbaugh. what the heck the Steelers won–why the attitude.

For those of you gasping when Ed Reed popped off the ground in the end zone and returned the ball to the 26 remember this. Ed Reed was one broken tackle away from scoring a TD. These are offensive players trying to take him down. Furthermore, his runs and laterals have been the highlight of Ravens football for years. It’s just a game and Reed puts so much fun into it. Please Ed don’t ever stop what you do.

Overall it was a devastating loss. Going forward the Ravens have the toughest schedule in football. Wash on the road—Peyton then Eli at home–the at Cinci. a 2-2 finish would be great. But that will not get the Ravens anything more then a home palyoff game against a wild Card probably Pittsburgh. So projecting out a possible Super Bowl run would include –Winning at home against the Steelers–Going to New England –then to Houston—not too encouraging

Love the new panorama camera.


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