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Captain Bligh Stamps out any Future Mutiny


Captain Bligh:  Now don’t mistake me. I’m not advising cruelty or brutality with no purpose. My point is that cruelty with purpose is not cruelty – it’s efficiency. Then a man will never disobey once he’s watched his mate’s backbone laid bare. He’ll see the flesh jump, hear the whistle of the whip for the rest of his life.

Captain Bligh: 

  • They respect but one law – the law of fear…I expect you to carry out whatever orders I give, whenever I give them.
  • The ship’s company will remember that I am your captain, your judge, and your jury. You do your duty and we may get along. Whatever happens, you’ll do your duty

Let’s make it perfectly clear Coach John Harbaugh is now undisputedly Captain of this Ship.

John Harbaugh
Coach Harbaugh’s Speech To The FCA At Martin’s West on Mon...

Courtesy of the FCA and Catholic Review.org

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John Harbaugh Delivers Spellbinding Address at FCA Banquet at Before 1...

For over 1 hour last night, Super Bowl winning Coach John Harbaugh took his audience through the journey to the Super Bowl Title from his perspective. It was just an amazing ride delivered by a master orator. The benefactor of the night was the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Some of the highlights:

“The days are long but the years are shorter” was a recurrent theme throughout the speech. Harbaugh related the total frustration of the defeat against New England the year before and how proud he was of the way the team handled it. The ultimate irony was that 1 year later, the Ravens were back in the exact same situation. This time there was no doubt in his mind the Ravens would be victorious. However after a poorly played, too conservative 1st half against the Brady bunch, Harbaugh and Joe Caldwell agreed it was time to let Joe Flacco loose.The rest is history.

One thing was very apparent to me, that was Harbaugh’s ultimate respect for Anquan Boldin, with whom Harbaugh would exchange uplifting texts throughout the run. I just have a feeling , He will find a way to keep Q around.

Everything I ever thought about Harbaugh was echoed last night. He again reiterated his love for Baltimore and how the title belonged to the city. When I first met John 4 years ago , his theme was how he felt he had let the city down. That feeling will never exist again.

Harbaugh spoke of the entire tragedy of the death of Torrey’s brother and how the team rallied around Torrey. 

Terrapin nation was well represented with Jeremy Sieverts and former Softball All America player Amber Jackson being 2 of the speakers.

Harbaugh made it abundantly clear how much faith play a huge role in the title run. The address ended on a typical Harbaugh family note, a request to attack every day at  work like it was your first and bring everything you have to the love of your family.

It is impossible not to really like John Harbaugh!!!!!


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John Harbaugh Joins Weeb Ewbank in “Cradle of Coaches” at ...

Ravens coach John Harbaugh will be inducted into the “Cradle of Coaches” association at his alma mater Miami (Ohio) University next year.

Harbaugh’s team won the Super Bowl, beating his brother Jim’s San Francisco 49ers 34-31 for the Ravens’ second NFL title. He graduated from the southwest Ohio school in 1984.

A bronze, life-size statue of Harbaugh will be added to the Cradle of Coaches display on a plaza outside Yager Stadium early next year, joining the statues of Paul Brown, Bo Schembechler, Weeb Ewbank, Ara Parseghian, Earl “Red” Blaik, Carm Cozza, Paul Dietzel and John Pont.

The statues honor Miami graduates who have been named a coach of the year at the college or professional level, won a national college or NFL title, or been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame or the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“To me, there is no greater recognition in coaching,” Harbaugh said in a statement. “To be included with these great men is something only dreamed about.”

from espn.com

John Harbaugh
Crazies Serenade Terps Into The Big With 84-64 Victory


So the game is over and I have to endure the chants for 2 1/2 hours such as USA, USA at Alex, We won’t miss you, Don’t come back, ACC ACC, Not our rivals, and all the while Coach K is urging the crowd to continue. I hang around for the Coach K presser where the Carolina press guys lobbed softballs and then I asked very simply “Coach it seems like the fans are ecstatic to be rid of Maryland–how do you feel about it?” (The following audio should be started around the 3:40 mark to hear the question and answer). Memo-42 Obviously I must have touched a nerve. But I wonder how Coach K really feels. Maybe he is happy that the Terps will soon be gone.

At halftime I overheard two Carolina writers talking about what a bad decision it was to move to the BIG, and how Terrapin nation was solidly against the move. Needless to say, I told these guys they were clueless and how great the BIG was going to be for the Terps. They called me part of a lunatic fringe. I then brought up that Maryland was always the stepchild of the ACC and prime example was the ACC Tournament being in Greensboro 90% of the time. They called it a neutral court to which the laughter it brought to me almost made me sick.

As I left Cameron Indoor my only thought was Sayonara.

Turge was pretty content with the Terps effort and offensive performance today. No doubt Duke played excellently. Quinn Cook played as well as I have seen him play and the freshman Sulaimon was outstanding with 9-13 shooting for 25 points. Seth Curry definitely seemed to be hobbling at some points during the game.However the Terps hung with the Devils for most of the game until Mason Plumlee got hot and the rest was history.

Dez started off with 7 points and 5 bounds by the 4 minute break but quieted down afterwards. Charles Mitchell is back scoring 13 on 5-8 shooting. Alex had a quiet 8 point 10 rebound game. He was only able to get 6 shots in 34 minutes. But he did have 1 magnificent only early in the game only to be matched by a reverse dunk by Plumlee late in the game.

Seth Allen was suspended for the first half for what Turgeon referred to as a minor infraction. He was no factor in the game.

2 things were consistent with the Terps effort today: they won the rounding battle 43-34 and again were plaqued by 14 turnovers. Duke shot a high 52.% from the field including 11-22 from the 3 line.

Nick struggled a bit at the point having trouble with Quinn Cook’s pressure. PeShon just cannot get a break as a couple of his layup attempts teased the bucket but fell off the rim. It breaks my heart to see him struggling with his game because he is such a good kid.

Believe it or not there were lots of purple jerseys throughout the arena. Must have been Duke fans from Baltimore.

I am about to watch the game again so I will add to the blog tomorrow if I notice anything. The Terps (15-5 overall and 3-4 in the ACC) are now desperate for a win Tuesday night at FSU.

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Are The Ravens Done? Enter The No Spin Zone—Harbaugh Faces His B...

Well Justin Tucker played well. Tandon Doss scored his first TD. Suggs returned. We were up 3-0. That’s it— and now for the rest of the story

Starting with the Cleveland game the Ravens bear no resemblance of the team that has been a force in the NFL basically every year since 2000 save 1 or 2 seasons

We stand today at 5-2, still in 1st place in the suddenly weak AFC North. But something is missing. Every Ravens fan has watched this team since the Cleveland game and realized this is not Ravens football that is being played. The offense now has been horrendous 2 of the last 4 weeks, not ironically on the road in KC and Houston. Joe was not himself today overthrowing, and tossing right into uplifted blocking arms.   It’s funny we started the game using #27 and it was effective. Somehow after we fell behind 9-3, our best player disappeared from the offense. Why? This game was not a blowout until the offense turned the ball over and over. 

Defensively, things have been falling apart since the Cleveland game. The only reason Houston didn’t gain 500 yards was they stopped trying after 3 quarters. From A to Z on defense there are problems. Are we bringing Suggs back too soon.? Why is the offense so great at home and so bad on the road? Did Lee Evans drop signal the beginning of the end of an era?

John Harbaugh is a magnificent coach and an even better guy. His first 4 years here have been magical. But now is his first real test as a head coach. Many, many head coaches are unable to turn around these situations. We have been spoiled  by the team’s successes.  Just being in the playoffs 4 consecutive years is good enough for me and most Ravens fans. Harbaugh has 2 weeks to get this ship straight. 1-5 Cleveland is coming up next  ON THE ROAD–just the kind of game that has troubled the Ravens. Maybe it’s the personnel, maybe it’s the play calling, certainly the defense is a large part of the problem, I know it’s not Flacco, but now is the time for the Coach to take control. I BELIEVE HE WILL GET THE JOB DONE.

John Harbaugh, Ravens
“Stained?” Harbaugh Only Stating What the Nation’s F...

117,000 fans have responded to an ESPN poll regarding whether or not the Spygate stained the Patriots Super Bowl Wins and the 54% agree. There is fine line in a football game where the slightest edge can turn the tide in a close game. The PATRIOTS cheated plain and simple. Yes, Evans dropped the ball but that doesn’t change what happened when Eric Mangini spilled the beans. 

John Harbaugh