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New VIVA ELVIS Show in Las Vegas–Review

It’s utterly amazing how Guy Laliberte could produce such a great show in Love about the Beatles and create a flop about the King. I was able to get half price tickets online and now I know why. I could barely stay awake for the 90 minutes. Guy just doesn’t get Elvis. The stage production, show , and dancing were first rate but Elvis is about the music and his incredible story. There was no story . The song selections were in some cases ridiculous. Hound Dog was a film of Elvis almost crudely singing the song. It’s incredible that with all the tremendous Elvis impersonators in Vegas there was no live singing. Hire Trent Carlini!!!  Films are Ok for a song or 2 but cmon the whole show at those prices. Guy this is the KING we are talking about. There is no story about his fascinating life just some guy playing Colonel Tom Parker barely touching the surface in his narrative.  There is no mention of Graceland, no mention of how his death on August 16, 1977 spun the nation into mourning, no mention of the Memphis Mafia, no mention of Lisa Marie, etc.  The venue is awesome, there are no bad seats, the hotel Aria is fabulous but thumbs down on Viva Elvis. On the other hand Guy Lalierte is a helluva poker player. Of course it really matters when he worth umteen millions.

Las Vegas