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June 19, 1986–The Tragic Death of Len Bias

June 19, 1986 was the day when my heart was broken. Everyone knows my devotion to the Terrapin Basketball team, But back then the joy that watching Len Bias gave me was and still is unmatched. Lenny was the 2nd athlete I was ever in awe of–First of course was #19. When I heard on the radio that Lenny was dead, I was frozen in my tracks. I called my wife in tears and could not even get the words out. When Len was drafted by the Celtics, I can always remember Larry Bird saying he was going to rookie camp. Everyone was ready to dump the Bullets and become Celtic fans. Never ever in my wildest imagination could I have ever thought that such a chiseled seemingly perfect guy like Len could have been a drug user. His sudden, untimely death haunts Terrapin Nation to this day.

Len Bias
Strong Beginning For Underrated Hoops Team–Terps 106 Florida Sou...

Okay it’s just an exhibition game but there were a lot of things even an impartial fan had to be impressed with.

Seniors–Gary swears by them–acts by it– and in so many cases (Dave Neal, Calvin MacCall, Boom Osby, Matt Kovarik, to name a few) he is rewarded. Cliff Tucker played like a Senior should in the 1st half. He took control and wenyt to the bucket.  Coach Williams was greatly impressed by Adrian Bowie, his senior point guard. I talked with Adrian after the game Memo-15. Adrian was 6-7 from the field with 6 assists. Dino Gregory had a quiet 7 points with 9 rebounds.

Sean Mosley and Dino Gregory were selected as Captainsby their teammates. I talked to Sean about the importance of this team decision Memo-17 Sean was his usual steady self—16 points 6 rebounds

IMuch of the pre-season hype has been about Pe’Shon Howard (myself included). Last night,  Terrell Stoglin showed why he was able to control Arizona high school basketball. He is lightning quick with great hands, he is fearless going to the hole, his pressure defense in the first half was stellar.  Howard and Stoglin being joined next year by Faust and Gibbs will give Maryland an extremely strong and deep backcourt.

Jordan Williams played like the bully who is just stronger and tougher then anyone else. He dominated with 18 points in 22 minutes.

I told Bob Haynie on the 105.7 post game show  that Berend Weijs reminded me of the typical NBA 7 footer who is there to alter shots. Berend had 4 blocks and several altered shots. Could be a key role player later in the year a la Zoubek.

The Hawk, Haukur Palsson is much bigger then I imagined. He seems to have a great floor game and he also nailed 3 of his 4 shots.

Ashton Pankey is a pretty tough kid. In 10 minutes of action he looged 5 points and 5 rebounds.

I had really feared where the points would be coming from but not after watching the exhicccccccc . Guys just stay healthy.

1st Game next Monday vs Seattle

Len Bias, Manny machado, Maryland Baseball, Maryland Football
24 Years Ago —June 19, 1986 —Len Bias Died

It seems like only yesterday when tragedy struck, but on the eve of every NBA draft the whole horrific story comes back to haunt every Terrapin fan.

Len Bias