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Crosstown Rivals Loyola & UMBC Meeting at Reitz Arena—Loyol...

First impressions of the local talent on display

Loyola appears bigger, stronger, and maybe a shade more talented then the Retrievers

It seems like Jimmy Patsos has landed a gem from Stu Vetter’s Montrose Christian in 6’1″ Guard Tyler Hubbard. So far Tyler has 10 points on 4-5 shooting. Loyola has stretched it’s lead to 32-21 at the 5 minute mark as Jimmy just got nailed with a T after attacking the ref. The refs are actually looking at the video to see if Patsos touched the ref.

Robert Olson is as smooth as ever and of course Erik Etherly is dominating the boards early.

It is noted that Michael Oher’s baby brother Sean Tuohy is on the Loyola squad. He has not seen action yet for the greyhounds.

UMBC has been led by forward Chase Plummer with 10 points. Leading scorer Ryan Cook has 6 points but can definitely handle the rock.

The inside play of Loyola is taking over as Loyola is up 22-12 on rebounds.

Loyola 45-30 at half.

Loyola Basketball
Loyola & Jimmy Patsos Are Dancing as the Greyhounds Win The MAAC ...

Let the celebration begin at Reitz arena!!!! Yes it was a downright ugly game but who cares, Loyola is going to the NCAA Tournament as it capped a tremendous season with a stellar defensive effort down the stretch. Nerves were in play on both sides but strong defensive play from Shane Walker helped seal the bid. Hats off to Jimmy Patsos and good luck in the tournament!!!

Loyola Basketball