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Tonight’s the Night – Game vs Cuse Provides Major Opportunity for Terps

Syracuse is reeling right now. Two straight losses after an undefeated start. At this point of the season. Maryland is 15-12 and 7-7 in the conference but has 0 top 50 wins. If any hope exists at all to make the dance it must begin with a W tonight. Syracuse, a slight favorite plays the stingiest zone in the country but is definitely having its troubles offensively. So what do the Terps do to win tonight?


After Duke scored 89 in its first game against Cuse, by getting the ball to parker in the middle and then dishing to the wings===Cuse adjusted in game 2 and closed off the shooters. Duke relied on Parker and Hood to drive and facilitate and manged to pull the victory out. Dez and Faust will have to be at the top of their games because most likely they will be at the foul line. I really figure that Dez must be on the north side of 20 for Maryland to win.


Ennis, Cooney, Grant and City College’s CJ Fair can not all be stopped. Ennis was 2-13 against Duke Saturday night and is beginning to show the effects of playing 40 plus minutes a game. Turgeon will continue to mix defenses. probably using the 1-3-1 pressure zone trap to try to take Cuse out of its game.


The Orange has not been a potent team offensively but it seems like teams have had their way with Maryland. But not tonight. Listen, many are saying Syracuse will never lose 3 in a row. Why? Cuse has not been the same since Duke game 1. Dez will have a big game tonight, and the sellout crowd will lift the Terps to its first marquis win of the season over a tired former #1 squad—- Terps 70 Cuse 69.

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VIDEO—-Terp Talk Post Game from Verizon Center
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Thoughts on Alex Len’s 5th Pick Selection by Phoenix

Whereas I wanted Alex to be the #1 pick, in the long run being selected 5th could be the best result for him. Despite the drop in money, 2.9 million salary for the Ukranian is more then he ever could have imagined. Alex will not have the pressure of bing examined as the #1 pick. He will be far away from the scrutiny of the East coast media that could have haunted him. Phoenix is a great city with tremendous fans that will be more patient with his development. Overall a great fit for Maryland’s highest draft choice since Franchise was taken 2nd.

Synopsis from NBAdraft.net

5. Alex Len | 7-1 | 255 | C | Maryland | 20

Alex Len: New Phoenix general manager Ryan McDonough has a massive rebuilding project ahead of him. He starts in the middle, taking Maryland center Alex Len. Despite not making any of the three All-ACC teams his sophomore year, Len possesses an intriguing combination of size (7-foot-1), length (7-foot-3.5) and athleticism (grew up as a gymnast in his native Ukraine). Len is surprisingly agile for his size, with the ability to cover a lot of territory without expending much energy. However, he would disappear for large stretches of ballgames last year (to be fair, you would too if you played with his guards) and he has a high center of gravity, which can allow stronger players to push him off his spot. It will be up to the phenomenal Phoenix Suns’ training staff to help him overcome the stress fracture he suffered in his foot – a scary injury for any big man. -Nick Prevenas
Comment from Mark Turgeon
“We are very proud of Alex,” said head coach Mark Turgeon. “He has worked extremely hard to become a top five selection in the NBA Draft. He is committed to getting better each day and will continue to do so as he makes the transition to the NBA. Alex has come such a long way in just two years both on and off the court and we are all very excited for what the future holds for him. This is a great day and exciting time for the Maryland Basketball program.”
from azcentral.com

When Maryland center Alex Len took the NBA draft stage Thursday night as the Suns’ No. 5 draft choice, it was not the first time that the 20-year-old Ukrainian outshined Kentucky center Nerlens Noel at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

To start the past college basketball season on Nov. 9, Len’s Maryland team lost to Noel’s Kentucky team, but Len won the center matchup. Len posted 23 points, 12 rebounds and four blocks on Noel, the center who was often associated with the draft’s top pick until Thursday night.

The Suns did not just think Len was the best center in this year’s draft. The Suns thought Len was the best player in this year’s draft.

The Suns brass started salivating once Cleveland dropped jaws by taking UNLV’s Anthony Bennett first. Prior to that, the Suns discussed trading up in the draft order to be able to get Len, who teams began to believe was going to Cleveland.

The Suns passed on Noel and Kansas shooting guard Ben McLemore because of their belief in Len’s high ceiling.


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Alex Len–Mark Turgeon Press Conference from terrapintimes.com

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PeShon To Transfer Citing Family Issues

University of Maryland men’s basketball head coach Mark Turgeon announced today that junior point guard Pe’Shon Howard has been granted permission to transfer for his senior season.

Howard (6-3, 190 lbs) averaged 3.3 points and 3.6 assists in 36 games with 24 starts in 2012-13. In his three seasons at Maryland, Howard averaged 4.7 points and 3.5 assists in 83 career games with 44 starts.

“We wish Pe’Shon the best and thank him for his contributions as a student-athlete at the University of Maryland,” said Turgeon. “We are disappointed that he is leaving, but Pe’Shon shared with me that his grandmother is ill in California and that he would like to finish his final season of eligibility playing closer to home. We understand this is best for Pe’Shon and his family and will support him through this transition.”

“I want to thank Coach Turgeon for allowing me to pursue an opportunity to complete my final season of college basketball at a university closer to home,” Howard said. “It was a very difficult decision because I really enjoyed my three years as a student-athlete at Maryland, but my grandmother is sick and I feel it is best that I be closer to my family. I love my teammates and wish them the very best and appreciate all of the support and guidance that I received from my coaches.”

My take—PeShon is a great kid and will be missed at Colege Park.

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Coach Turgeon’s remarks at the NIT Press Conference

“I’m really happy to be here. I’ve got a lot of respect for these guys and their programs and what they’ve done. Scott and I used to go head-to-head in the Big 12 and Dave and I have had some encounters in the NCAA Tournament and obviously Fran and I have something in the future we’ll be playing each other quite a bit in the future.

So, Coach Rose said how proud he was of his team, I’m unbelievably proud of my team. About mid-February I didn’t know if we were ever going to figure it out and hit rock bottom at Georgia Tech and since then our kids have been great. They have embraced this.

We’re excited. We feel like we’re playing our best basketball of the season here late and have a great team; a fun team to coach and a fun team to be around. Got a little injury to Seth Allen which has set us back a little bit but guys have stepped up. So, we’re happy to be in New York. I was lucky enough to be at Texas A&M a few years ago and come in here and win the Preseason NIT. So I know how special this place is with Times Square and it’s been great for our families too. It’s spring break for families so we’re kind of treating this as a family outing so everybody’s happy. Thanks to the committee for getting us in. You’re always nervous when it comes to committees and for us to get in was great and our guys have taken advantage of it.

We’re looking forward to playing a great, well-coached Iowa team that has a lot of toughness and they run the motion as well as any team in the country. It will be a great challenge for our defense”  Coach Turgeon

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Postgame Quotes from Coach Turgeon

“Obviously that’s a great win for us. We know Alabama’s a good team. I think they’ve won 12 or 13 at home. They were undefeated in the SEC [at home] and I thought the crowd was fantastic. I thought it was a high-level basketball game – intense – two teams really defending and playing hard. The team struggled a little bit offensively. We turned it over, they missed some shots that they might normally make, but in the end it was a great game. I’m just really proud of my guys. Our last three road games – we won at Wake Forest, we lost in overtime at Virginia and now this one – and we’ve been talking about trying to get a great road win. To get it in postseason, against a team that I thought should have been an NCAA tournament team with 12 wins in the SEC, is just a tremendous win for us. Our defense was spectacular all night and Dez [Wells] was at a high level early. Alex [Len] was at a high level the whole game, and then Pe’Shon [Howard] hit a big three and Jake [Layman] hit two big threes for us. Then we just held on. I don’t like just holding on but this time of year any win is a great win.”

On how big of a “growing up moment” this win was for his team:

“It’s big and to hold on and get it is big. It’s hard to win in college basketball and this time of year is really hard. For us to do that, we had a lot of guts. We had a lot of guts defensively and it was good to see. And to do this without Seth [Allen] – Seth’s been pretty important to us – and he’s one guy that could have taken a little bit of pressure off, helped us in the press and he could have broken down their defense a little bit. So we had a lot of guys step up and play well for us. And we knew if we lost, we were done. If we won, we didn’t play for a week. So we played guys a lot of minutes, especially in that second half. I thought we stayed pretty fresh throughout the game. A big game – a big win.” 

Ain’t The Beer Cold—Terps 83 Duke-74 Behind Dez Wells’ 30 points—Carolina Next–2 Down 2 to Go

Without question  the best Terrapin Victory since Grievis’ last game at home. Turgeon had this team perfectly prepared and once again out coached the King of the Evil Empire into the ground. HATS OFF TO COACH TURGEON!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was submitting my vote for ALL ACC–I just could not leave out Dez Wells despite the Terps 8-10 record. Look we all saw it –there were games when he was fantastic. Minus his plethora of turnovers, he really was great all season. Out of 77 votes only 4 writers picked him for any of the 3 teams as ALL ACC. I am proud that I was one of them.

Without question Duke was baffled by the press. though there weren’t many steals, it took Duke 10 seconds or so to break and through their offense off kilter. At some point of the 1st half Duke was playing racehorse bball just like Maryland. 

Duke could never adjust to Maryland’s 4 guard set that virtually ruled Ryan Kelly useless. By the way this was the first loss Duke had with Kelly in uniform. Coach Turgeon virtually went with a 8 man lineup —Padge didn’t play and Logan got 2 minutes PT. The guys who did play just seemed more in rhythm all night. PeShon had 7 points but more important 5 assists and 0 turnovers.

So next up is Carolina. I have said all along that the magic number was 3 wins not 4. If by some way the Terps upset Carolina on the “Neutral” Greensboro court, to me it seems like the Terps will be in. But you know what, winning the ACC Championship in one of our final years in this dreadful conference would be dynamite. But the best thing about tonight was watching Coach K squirm.

A depressed Coach K after getting schooled by Mark Turgeon

A depressed Coach K after getting schooled by Mark Turgeon

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