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Devastated in Foxboro—Greyhounds Beak My Heart Defeating Maryland 9-3 For the NCAA Title

I never saw it coming. Most of the everyday columnists I talked to were picking Loyola but none saw the total domination that happened. I said last week that just getting to the final four was a tremendous achievement for this team. But then we destroyed Duke and I really thought that just maybe the 37 year drought would end. Just some comments about the weekend and the game.

Over 30,000 attended the game today which was a surprise showing for what was the Maryland State Championship. Foxboro is a great venue albeit it is in the middle of nowhere 40 minutes from Boston. This morning I grabbed the Boston Globe and was shocked to see not one article about the game. 2o articles complaining about Valentine and the Red Sox. 20 articles about the Celtics. Not one line about lacrosse.

It’s amazing the great relationship between the 2 schools. That’s why I toned down my preview of the game. Just about everyone I knew from Loyola came over to me post game (joe Boylan, Ryan Eigenbrode, and other members of the PR expressed feelings for Maryland. However, most of the other press and media guys were rooting for Loyola. What they have against Maryland I will never understand. But really, who cares.

Charley Toomey and John Tillman are truly close friends. Tillman sometimes spends the Christmas holidays with the Toomeys. They travel together often when recruiting. One had to lose and I really believe Toomey when he said he was heartsick for Tillman though ecstatic for Loyola. I asked John about playing Loyola in the future  Memo-26

By light years, Loyola was the best team Maryland saw this year. It’s incredible that we won 12 of 15 face-offs, won the groundball wars yet could only dent the nets 3 times. Runkel stopped everything he had to, but it was the interior defense that did us in. Even at 5-3 at halftime I was big time worried.

My heart went out for the Terrapin Seniors led by Joe Cummings and Drew Snyder. These guys were just crushed. Sometimes you think it is better to lose a game like we lost today but I will take a 1 goal heartbreaker loss anytime.   Post game press conference with Cummings, Drew Snyder, Landon Carr Memo-25

I am at a loss for words but there is just no way I will ever forget the great wins of this year. How this unranked, underappreciated team banded together and made a run to the title game that no one ever expected, is a tribute to each and every player and certainly the entire coaching staff. The 2 wins over Johns Hopkins were memorable, toss in 2 more victories over Duke, and the thrilling come from behind win over Lehigh.

Finally, a message to the Seniors—Joe Cummings, Drew Snyder, MJ Leonard, Michael Shakespeare, Pat Morrison, Tim Shaeffer—-2 quarterfinals, 2 final fours, 2 Championship games, —you have represented Terrapin nation ina terrific way–Best of luck moving forward.

See everyone in Philly in next year. Maybe we will be ranked!!!!!


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Analysis With Comments on Terrapin 1st String Midfield

The first midfield of Drew Snider, John Haus and Mike Chanenchuk were terrific and played like warriors.

Snider played like a guy who wasn’t ready for his collegiate career to be over. The fifth-year senior scored two of his three goals in the fourth quarter to help the Terps erase an 8-6 deficit at the end of the third. But the goals were only part of the story as it is the “1″ in the stat line under the heading “GB” that really stands out. When Owen Blye’s shot with 1:29 left was turned away by Lehigh goalie Matthew Poillon (who stood on his head in this one, giving his team a chance to win) the ball was loose on the right side of the crease. Four Mountain Hawks had a crack at the groundball, but it was Snider, who knifed through the scrum and came up with it to retain possession for the Terps and eventually led to the final possession.

Comments—Drew Snider started excelling his Junior year around playoff time. There rarely have been wins in the past 2 years without scoring from Drew. In the MLL he is labeled as can’t miss due to his rep as purse offense. Look for Drew to step up big time on Saturday.

Chanenchuk has been on fire since going through a four-game goal-less streak and his effort on Sunday did nothing to cool him off. The redshirt sophomore had two assists, both coming on goals by Snider, including the first of his two goals in the fourth quarter, and a goal. That goal was exactly what we expected when Chanenchuk agreed to become a Terp. The original play looked to be going nowhere and he made a quick move down the right alley to get enough space for him to rip a shot around his defender and inside the left pipe where Poillon had no chance of stopping it.

Comments–The Hopkins defensive way is to rely on Pierce Bassett to stop the direct 12-15 yard shots. That might work with some of the Terps but it won’t work with Chanecnchuck. His shot seems as deadly as Grant Catalino’s. I’ll take my chances. Mike had a bit of a dry spell earlier in the year but he is back!!!!

Haus’ stat line isn’t one that would stand out to anyone, but stats often don’t tell the whole story. Haus was a threat the entire game and that eventually wore down the Lehigh defensive midfielders. Twice he broke through the Mountain Hawk defense and got off two great shots only to be victimized by equally great saves by Poillon. If you watch the replay the early slides Lehigh used in the first three quarters were not as quick to get there in the fourth and that could be because of the effort Haus showed throughout the games, wearing down Mountain Hawk defenders.

Comments—There never was a Haus who wasn’t a big time player. When Carolina released john’s father several years back, Maryland and dave Cottle received a true warrior. Now in his junior year, I really don’t believe the recent successes of Maryland would have occurred without #26. Unfortunately we lost his brother will to Duke. A run to the final four will include huge plays by John. This  first midfield is special, even though you will hear much more about the opposition.

Analysis by Patrick Fischer—Comments from yours truly

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Men’s Lacrosse Readies for Rematch With Tar Heels

When all is said and done folks “Nothing means nothing.” Saturday night we were all pretty upset about the incredible loss to the Blue Jays. But then Sunday came around and the heart and spiritual leader of the Terps, Ryan Young lost his mom, Maria to pancreatic cancer.

In my  5 year tenure as host of Terp Talk, I have often talked of the family atmosphere of this team win or lose. The Big Man, Dick Edell fostered it and turned the reigns over to Dave Cottle. I watched these guys in tears when a shot hit the pipe against UVA in the quarters a few years back. Last year only 5 of 50 shots found the nets against Notre Dame, the team was devastated because many realized that unfairly it could mean the end for their leader.  Now Coach Tillman has picked up the reigns and I could see his emotions coming through for the regrets his guys were feeling. 50 some coaches and players will band together for Ryan and I am sure he feels the strength of his 2nd family.

The Terps play North Carolina Friday at 5 as they begin their march toward the final four.

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Dave Cottle Frontrunner for Harvard Coaching Position

Apparently it’s down to the final part of the selection process. The AD wants Dave to be the new coach, but there a few other nominees. Dave — if you are reading this blog as I know you sometimes do—take the job!!!!!!!!  It’s never easy to uproot the family but it would be a tremendous ooportunity!!

Dave Cottle
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