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Denver, Duke Advance to Final Four in Philadelphia

Denver 12  Carolina 11          I am perplexed –there is no way Carolina is not the better, deeper, team. This is Carolina’s 7th consecutive quarterfinal loss. Not a great day for what I thought was a great Carolina team. The Heels were up 6-0, 9-4 at half and yet still found a way to lose.

Duke 12 Notre Dame 11        I must be confused. I remember that Maryland played Duke in Durham and defeated them 16-7 and it wasn’t that close. This is John Danowski’s 7th year as head coach and yes it’s his 7th straight Final four. His theory seems to be to not worry about the early season and slowly let the players and team find their way. It’s working. However, in my opinion Duke has very little chance of defeating Cornell. Duke has no answer for #3 Rob Pannell.  Josh Offit (Saul Offit’s grandson) played a key role in Duke’s victory today.

NCAA Lacrosse
My Quarterfinal Predictions for Men’s Lacrosse

Carolina 16           Denver    11                 RG Keenan and Carolina’s Goalie gives the edge to the Heels

Duke 9       Notre Dame   6                       Can’t believe this is the Duke team that lost to Maryland 16-7

Cornell 12    Ohio State  7                        Sold on Rob Pannell –Best there is in college

Syracuse   11   Yale 7                                  Cuse’s defense has improved every game

NCAA Lacrosse
Chalk Holds as 4 Top Seeded Teams Win Round of 16 Games

North Carolina 16 Lehigh 7 —close early on but Carolina way too powerful

Denver 19 Albany 14 ===Enjoy this week because next week Carolina will take down Denver

Yale 10 Penn State 7–as I said this morning–Maryland’s win over Yale seems much more impressive now

Notre Dame 9 Detroit 7—#2 Seed? The Irish had to score 6 unanswered in the 4th quarter to win


NCAA Lacrosse
2 Qtrfinals Matchups are Set as Canisius, Carolina, UMass, and Cuse ha...

Duke vs Colgate—Peter Baum might be the best player in the country but Duke is way too deep for Colgate. This should be a high scoring affair but look for Rotanz, Wuolf,Costabile , Haus and co to easily advance.

Loyola vs Denver–What a joke that the Greyhounds will have to beat Denver a 3rd time to get to the final four in Foxboro. Dnver caught a Tar Hell team sleepwalking again at home in the opening round. Both of Loyola’s wins over Denver were in the Mile High City.  Justice will prevail and Loyola will win easy.

NCAA Lacrosse