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VIDEO—Neil Young–Four Strong Winds from 1995
Neil Young
Neil Young Wows Em At The Hippodrome
He’s 65, he still beats to his own drum, but folks the Old Rocker still has a golden set of pipes. Young came on stage at 9:15 and went a solid 90 minutes mixing a few songs I had never heard of, with many of his classics—closing with Cortez and Cinnamon Girl, Down By the River , Helpless, Tell Me Why, Hey Hey My My, and an absolutely fantastic rendition of I Believe in You.Memo-35

I was sitting up in the rafters and I have to admit that the screamers you hear in concerts that always eminate from the back really do exist. It’s a tough game up high, but a lot of smiles. To rate my probably 20th Neil Young concert–I give it a solid B.

Neil Young
Incredible Imitation of Neil Young by Jimmy Fallon
Neil Young