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Ravens Complete “The Lost Weekend” Losing to the Steelers 19-16

Unfortunately this morning I had a sick feeling in my stomach about this game. Something is just missing from this team. You just can’t start playing in the NFL in the 4th quarter when you are trailing and expect to win.

Joe’s tying TD drive was a thing of beauty–16 plays–8 minutes–9 for 9 passing, 5 third down conversions. and most of all an innovative series of downs when we were 1st and goal.

But that was our only TD of the game. Again. Once again only 6 points in the 1st half. We have a $20 million dollar a year QB. Take the reins off of him. Let him make that call on the line of scrimmage. The year is getting away from us. Utilize our #1 asset.

Yes it was the Ravens Steelers but let’s not kid ourselves, it was a boring battle between 2 mediocre teams. The Ravens are 3-4 and now trail the Bengals by 2 games. There is no way anything less then 9-7 will win the division, most likely the only way the Ravens make the playoffs. That means the Ravens must ago 6-3 the rest of the way. Look at our schedule—Home—Cinci, The Jets, Minnesota, Pitts, and the Patriots—On the Road—Detroit  Chicago,  Cleveland   and Cinci. 6-3 would be a major achievement at this point.

Harbaugh has 2 weeks to gather his troops, recreate a real offense,and plug in some new wrinkles. The status quo just isn’t getting it done.

A caller this morning (James) made a great point—this team is suffering from an overconfidence that hits many teams after winning the Super Bowl. Why is there no sense of urgency early in the game? 

I am sure the onsides kick will be a major point of controversy this week. Listen, I predicted it —and it is easy to 2nd guess. But Harbaugh was trying to turn the tide. What really bothered me was that a Raven was offsides which would have nullified a recovery. Early in the 3rd quarter, Joe was forced th call a timeout. Somehow the Ravens failed to get the play off in time.Are you kidding me?

Elsewhere in the NFL:

As predicted the Redskins won 45-41 over the Bears as RG3 led a late TD drive for the victory.

The Bengals kicked a 54 yard FG to defeat the Lions in Detroit.

With 2 weeks to prepare, Miami lost to Buffalo, led by 3rd string QB thad Lewis from Duke.

The Jets upset the Patriots despite 7 tackles from Joe Vellano.

The 49ers coasted by the Titans –Boldin 5 catches 74 yards

Darrius Heyward Bey caught a TD pass for the Cols last night



Goodell Speaks About Expansion of NFL Regular Season—And/or the ...

The constant harping from fans about the stupidity of a 4 game exhibition season is ringing in the Commissioner’s ear. Now he is even talking about reducing the exhibition games to 2 without even adding regular season game or playoffs. Paying a $100 average to watch a game basically between players who will never play in the NFL is the biggest ripoff in sports.

Ravens Mock Draft –from Dennis Koulatsos

All right guys, we all know that Ozzie’s going to be trading up and down the board, but here’s how I see it at this point:

1. Melenik Watson, LT FSU
A bit of a stretch/leap of faith here, but we have got to solidify the LT position.  At this point I would think that there’s a 50/50 chance that McKinnie is resigned, but either way, we need a LT to develop, and Watson has the physical makeup required of this critical position.

2. DJ Swearinger, FS South Carolina
I have him rated as the second best safety on the board.  Hard hitter and a leader.  Has Raven written all over him.

3. Brandon Williams, DT Missouri Southern
Big bodied and nasty!

4. William Gholston, DE Michigan State
Another big guy with great dimensions and a strong motor

4b. Ryan Swope, WR Texas A&M
Reminds of a bigger Brandon Stokley

5. Nico Johnson, ILB Alabama
Big, nasty, stout middle linebacker

5b. Ray Ray Armstrong, SS Miami (The U)
Big, strong and aggressive.  He was suspended in 2012 due to involvement with booster.

6. Aaron Mellette, WR Elon
Reminds me of Mike Quick out of Appalachian State from years ago

6b. Khaled Holmes, C USC
He can give Gradkowski some competition, plus he plays all 3 interior position

6c. Michael Williams, TE Alabama
Blocked for Richardson and Lacy, and has decent hands.  Nice complement to Pitta and Dickson

7. Anthony McCloud, DT FSU
Honorable mention All -ACC in 2012

7b. Braden Wilson, FB Kansas State
Big bad brusing fullback with decent hands

NFL Day at College Park

After months of training following the 2012 season, former members of the Maryland football team put their hard work to the test for Pro Football Timing Day Wednesday.

“We left it all out on the field,” said linebacker Kenneth Tate. “I’m pretty confident. I’m happy to be here, happy to see all the guys again. We all did our best today.”

Tight end Matt Furstenburg had a chance to show off for NFL scouts at last month’s NFL Combine, but 13 of his teammates were given the chance to make an impression at the Gossett Team House and practice facility.

“This is what today’s all about,” said head coach Randy Edsall. “A chance for these young men to continue to pursue a dream that they’ve had since they probably started playing the game of football. You want them to do well and you want them to go out and put their best foot forward.”

Furstenburg, A.J. FrancisJoe Vellano and Tate all trained together in Florida for pro day. Francis and Vellano, stalwarts on the defensive line for the Terps, played in the East-West Shrine Bowl in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Furstenburg posted impressive numbers at the combine in February. He ran a 4.62 40-yard dash, good for third among tight ends. Furstenburg also placed third in the vertical jump (35.5), fifth in the 20-yard shuttle (4.35) and fourth in the 60-yard shuttle (11.76) among his position.


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Alfred Morris’ 200 Yards Rushing–Ineptitude of Romo Puts S...

One more choke in Tony Romo’s column. Experts say he is better then Joe Flacco. Not in this lifetime. Joe takes the Ravens to the playoffs again for the 5th time in 5 years. Jerry Jones stays with Romo after another big loss. When will he learn he needs a real GM.

The following comes from Wayne Viener who was at the game tonight:

It was a magical night at FedEx Field. The Redskins beat Dallas in front of a packed house 28 – 18 to win the NFC East. The crowd was there early and was loud all night.

It was not a pretty game from RGIII and Dallas quarterback Tony Romo played just well enough to lose. It was a great night for Alfred Morris. The Redskin tailback from Florida Atlantic in Boca Raton set the all-time single season yardage mark for the team as he amassed 200 yards in the game with three touchdowns.

My takeaways from being at FedEx are (1) that RGIII was not as sharp as usual and looked to be affected by the knee injury, (2) Tony Romo makes too many mistakes, (3) FedEx Field finally feels like a “home” stadium, (4) the Redskins have worked miracles with a so-so offensive line and Alfred Morris, and (5) the Redskins did no really have control of the game until the late 4th quarter interception by linebacker Rob Jackson.

It was magical because the of the home crowd, the excitement and a general feeling that the Redskins were going to win.

For next week, Seattle comes to FedEx at 4:30 PM on Sunday.

Despite Poor Finish of the Season—Geno Smith is Still the Best Q...

If anyone doesn’t think the mediocre QBs available in this year’s draft doesn’t vastly increase the value of Joe Flacco–Wake up.

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As Predicted Here: NFL Referee Lockout Just About Over–A Deal is...

This was easy. The very fiber of the game was being diminished. Now we can listen to Green Bay cry all year about how they had one stolen from them. To Harbaugh’s credit, I haven’t heard one word of complaint about the offensive pass interference call against Jacobi Jones that cost the Ravens the Philly game. My guess is that the real refs will be back tomorrow night for the Ravens game.

ESPN.com’s NFL Power Rankings
2012 Power Rankings: Week 3

Last Week: 2

15-3 in the regular season under Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers don’t have any obvious weaknesses. (Sando)

Last Week: 4

The Texans are breezing through an easy schedule for what should be a 12-win season. (Clayton)

Last Week: 6

Mike Nolan’s defense made a statement against Peyton Manning and the Broncos. (Sando)

Last Week: 5

That’s more like it. Our preseason No. 1 took out its frustrations on division-rival Chicago. (Graziano)

Last Week: 1

A home loss to Arizona either will be a wake-up call or the beginning of the Patriots’ demise. (Hensley)

Last Week: 3

Baltimore needs to give Ray Rice the ball after giving him a big contract this summer. (Hensley)

Last Week: 12

The defense looks fantastic. If they stop turning it over, the Birds can be as good as anyone. (Graziano)

Last Week: 7

The champs barely avoided an 0-2 start, thanks to Eli Manning, but where’s the pass rush? (Graziano)

Last Week: 11

Ben Roethlisberger is going to carry this offense until the Steelers can establish a running game. (Hensley)

Last Week: 9

It could take a while, but Denver still has an opportunity to be very good, despite its turnover-filled debacle against Atlanta. (Fox)
Groundbreaking Day in Refereeing—Blog from Max Grossfeld

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Being a referee is one of the hardest jobs in sports. I wont compare it to rocket science or biochemistry, but as far as sports go, it may be the equivalent. Casual fans don’t realize the amount of intricacies in a rulebook that must be applied to every single play.

 Shannon Eastin is not your normal official. For one, she is a woman. She is one of only 5 women in college football, according to Theresa M. Walker of the Associated Press. More importantly then that, she has moved up officiating’s ranks to the FCS’s (Division 1-AA’s) MEAC conference, in which the local Morgan State Bears compete. On Thursday, Eastin will break a major barrier in officiating by becoming the first female official to referee the highest level of football in America when she officiates the Chargers vs. Packers preseason game.

 Officiating is undoubtedly a boys club in all male sports. In the MWOA, a group I am a member of, there is one female referee. Eastin will hopefully bring along a bit of change to this. By becoming the first female, she opens the door to other female referees and may make it easier for them to rise in ranks.


In all honesty, this groundbreaking accomplishment should go to Sarah Thomas. Thomas was the first female official to work a bowl game, the Little Caesars Bowl, in 2009. She is a FBS (Division 1) official with a better résumé than Eastin. Probably most importantly, she is on the NFL “watch list” the list of major college officials the NFL chooses from when they have openings, according to Julie Hayes, a Yahoo! contributor. However, this actually works to Thomas’ advantage. By the time Thomas makes her debut, and many believe she eventually will, it will be more normal for a woman to officiate NFL games. This will make it easier for her to blend in and do their job.

 When I first got into wrestling officiating, one of my teachers told me that the best day an official can have is one where the athletes and fans don’t even remember your face. Eastin’s accomplishment will hopefully create it easier for female officials nationwide to do this, as well as encourage a new wave of female officials to pick up the pinstripes. 

BLOG from Terrapin Junior Max Grossfeld


Koons Ford Presents The Sports Maven Saturday Morning at 9AM on ESPN 1...


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Clemens is acquitted–Would you vote him into the Hall of Fame?

Orioles in a 3 game matchup with the Nats–Is this the O’s new rival?

Frank Francisco calls Yankees chickens—“I make a simple comment, just that they complain a lot — for every call, for everything,” he said. “I thought it was funny. I didn’t expect to make a big deal.”

Arod and Torrie Wilson–newest couple

Revis Island might be empty as he threatens another holdout

Phil Hellmuth Jr wins his 12th WSOP Title

The Harrison twins visit College Park



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Tebow Gets Off Canvas To Lead Broncos to Victory in OT over Hapless Do...

I am not sure what the attraction is, but I will admit I watched almost every second of the 4th quarter and OT as Tim Tebow after a horrific first 3 quarters bounced back to lead the Broncos to 2 TDS and then a 2 point conversion which tied the game.

Jay Cutler Takes Brutal Beating From Lions Front Four as Lions Defeat ...

If the Lions front four is as strong as it looked tonight, they just might be the team to beat in the NFL. Matthew Stafford gets better with each game. Please don’t ever question the heart of jay Cutler after the beating he took Monday night.