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Ravens Complete “The Lost Weekend” Losing to the Steelers 19-16

Unfortunately this morning I had a sick feeling in my stomach about this game. Something is just missing from this team. You just can’t start playing in the NFL in the 4th quarter when you are trailing and expect to win.

Joe’s tying TD drive was a thing of beauty–16 … Read More »

Goodell Speaks About Expansion of NFL Regular Season—And/or the ...

The constant harping from fans about the stupidity of a 4 game exhibition season is ringing in the Commissioner’s ear. Now he is even talking about reducing the exhibition games to 2 without even adding regular season game or playoffs. Paying a $100 average to watch a game basically between … Read More »

Ravens Mock Draft –from Dennis Koulatsos

All right guys, we all know that Ozzie’s going to be trading up and down the board, but here’s how I see it at this point:

1. Melenik Watson, LT FSU
A bit of a stretch/leap of faith here, but we have got to solidify the LT position.  At … Read More »

NFL Day at College Park

After months of training following the 2012 season, former members of the Maryland football team put their hard work to the test for Pro Football Timing Day Wednesday.

“We left it all out on the field,” said linebacker Kenneth Tate. “I’m pretty confident. I’m happy to be here, happy to … Read More »

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Alfred Morris’ 200 Yards Rushing–Ineptitude of Romo Puts S...

One more choke in Tony Romo’s column. Experts say he is better then Joe Flacco. Not in this lifetime. Joe takes the Ravens to the playoffs again for the 5th time in 5 years. Jerry Jones stays with Romo after another big loss. When will he learn he needs a … Read More »

Despite Poor Finish of the Season—Geno Smith is Still the Best Q...

If anyone doesn’t think the mediocre QBs available in this year’s draft doesn’t vastly increase the value of Joe Flacco–Wake up.

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As Predicted Here: NFL Referee Lockout Just About Over–A Deal is...

This was easy. The very fiber of the game was being diminished. Now we can listen to Green Bay cry all year about how they had one stolen from them. To Harbaugh’s credit, I haven’t heard one word of complaint about the offensive pass interference call against Jacobi Jones that … Read More »

ESPN.com’s NFL Power Rankings

2012 Power Rankings: Week 3 RANK TEAM / RECORD TRENDING COMMENTS 1 49ers

Last Week: 2 15-3 in the regular season under Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers don’t have any obvious weaknesses. (Sando) 2 Texans

Last Week: 4 The Texans are … Read More »

Groundbreaking Day in Refereeing—Blog from Max Grossfeld

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Being a referee is one of the hardest jobs in sports. I wont compare it to rocket science or biochemistry, but as far as sports go, it may be the equivalent. Casual fans don’t realize the amount of intricacies in … Read More »

Koons Ford Presents The Sports Maven Saturday Morning at 9AM on ESPN 1...


Some topics for this morning’s show:

Sellout Crowd watches O’s Defeat Nats 2-1 –Is Hammel Really Our Pitcher?

“I’m Tapped out”—Curt Schilling loses Baseball fortune on Video Games Co.

Sandusky convicted on 45 of 48 counts–faces possible 442 year sentence

From Vilification to Vindication–The Heat and … Read More »

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Tebow Gets Off Canvas To Lead Broncos to Victory in OT over Hapless Do...

I am not sure what the attraction is, but I will admit I watched almost every second of the 4th quarter and OT as Tim Tebow after a horrific first 3 quarters bounced back to lead the Broncos to 2 TDS and then a 2 point conversion which tied the … Read More »

Jay Cutler Takes Brutal Beating From Lions Front Four as Lions Defeat ...

If the Lions front four is as strong as it looked tonight, they just might be the team to beat in the NFL. Matthew Stafford gets better with each game. Please don’t ever question the heart of jay Cutler after the beating he took Monday night.