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Red Wings & Maple Leafs to Play 2013 Winter Classic in the Big House

Karl Pick must be celebrating. By the way, i turned off the Caps game with the Caps winning 2-0 with 2 minutes left. They lost 3-2. Got to check that out.

4 Wins Down –12 To Go For Caps—Close out Rangers in 5

The Caps dominated all night at the Verizon Center , winning 3-1. Goalie Michael Neuwirth was basically impenetrable until the final seconds. It looks like Buffalo and US Olympic Goalie Ryan Miller will face the Caps next.

Flyers Complete Miracle Comeback –Down 3-0 in 7th Game –Wi...

The regular season in the NHL is a joke. It will be #7 seed Philadelphia vs # 8 seed Montreal for the Eastern Division Finals.