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Orioles Fall In The Power Rankings

The Baltimore Orioles are falling in the power rankings

Read all about it here:

Orioles Fall In The Power Rankings

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Numbers 30-49



30.  Brad Davis 
31.  Mel Counts, not really….Harry Brecheen (55 Running Back Ed Vereeb)
32.  Sandy..not Magic…Sandy..not Jim Brown..Sandy..not Larry Gibson…Sandy..not O.J.
33.  Kareem and Eddie (Chet “The Jet” Hanulak fronm National Championship 53 Team))
34.  Bias
35   Tony Esposito and “The Horse”..not the Moose..though how could was Cuellar?
36.  Robin Roberts
37.  Jimmy Piersall and Stu Miller
38.  Curt Shilling..tough number to come up with someone (RB Steve Atkins)
39.  Eddie Watt and Roy Campanella (Ed “Big Mo” Modzelewski)
40.  Kansas Comet Gale Sayers
41.  Wristband Matte, Len Elmore and Wes Unseld 
42.  Jackie Robinson (Fullback Ralph Felton and EJ Henderson)
43.  Lenny Lyles
44.  The Logo Jerry West
45.  Bob Gibson (Shawne Merriman and Tom Brown))
46.  Jim Welch and Flanny
47.  Charlie Stukes
48.  Jim Detweiller..I really have no clue.
49.  David Lee
Posted by Freddy from Boca (Bruce in parentheses)
A Minute of Reflection on the Number 19

Numbers mean everyting to me. 8–Cal   3 Juan    5 Brooksie  52  Ray  20 Ed Reed  & Frank Robby   0 Agent Zero    22 Cakes  and Keith Boothe   & Murph    17  Hondo Havlicek         25 Gus Johnson  41 Wes & Lenny Elmore    10   Don Ohl    21 Greivis  23  Franchise  34 Len Bias   45 Shawne Merriman   7 Boomer   32 Joe Smith     1 Joe Walters   94 Randy White   15  John Lucas     54 Tommy Mac

But today is the 19th and no number has more meaning then Johnny U. ( and my daughter’s birthday). It just hit me when I looked at the calendar and saw 19.