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    Bruce Posner, Terp Talk

    Talking Terps, SuperBowl, Lebron and Wizards

    Bruce Posner, Freddy from Boca, Radio Shows, Sports Maven, Wayne Viener

    From January 7 2017

    Sports Maven

    As heard on CBS Sports Radio 1300 with Bruce and Freddy from Boca

    Bruce Posner, Freddy from Boca, Terp Talk

    Bruce Posner, Freddy from Boca, Terp Talk, Todd Carton, Wayne Viener

    Join Bruce, Wayne, Freddy and Intern Mason for TerpTalk Holiday edition

    Bruce Posner, Terp Talk, Wayne Viener

    Join Bruce, Wayne and Freddy for segment one of the Sports Maven

    Bruce Posner, Sports Maven, Wayne Viener

    Here is the Saturday show with Bruce, Wayne, Freddy and Mason

    Bruce Posner, Sports Maven, Wayne Viener

    Here is the audio from this morning’s show. We had a full house with Bruce, Wayne, Freddy from Boca and Intern Mason along with producer Danny

    Sports Maven

    Click Listen Live above:

    The end of baseball all star games relevance as it drop into the totally useless category. Should the O’s trade Zach Britton at the top of his value. If Penn State defeats Wisconsin. Who should go to the final four? Conor McGregor file for boxing license. … Read More »

    Sports Maven, Uncategorized
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