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Some of the topics for this morning:

Report on the O’s Athletics game last night at the archaic Oakland Alameda Coliseum

The utter brilliance of Buck Showalter–the utter failure of Bobby Valentine

Craig Heist calls in to discuss the Orioles run to the playoffs

Machado’s play at 3rd on Wednesday night–the headiest ever?

O’s defense from worst to pretty good

Ravens prepare for Philadelphia–Co Host Dennis Koulatsos previews the Eagles game

#5 –an elite QB–you better believe it

A look around the NFL

Terps face UConn today

Sam Cassell, Jr ruled ineligible to play for the Terps

NHL heading for lockout

Notre Dame comes to the ACC

Jim Calhoun retires


Radio Shows, Springsteen
The Boss is Still Cookin at 60–Does Prep Show at Verizon Center ...

Bruce Springsteen has turned 60 but you would never know it from his performance Monday night at the Verizon Center in DC. Some of my observations:

The Boss weaved his way through his career Monday , accentuating the playing of his entire Born To Run album.. Jungleland was awesome.

Reds (wife Patty Scalfia) was not with the band Monday night. I guess rumors of the split have some substance.

The scalpers were just plain stuck with tickets due to a rumored Springsteen  policy of releasing hundreds of seats the day of the concert.

Include in the Boss’ encore was a great rendition of Higher and Higher, a classic soul song from Jackie Wilson as well as Classic Springsteen song Rosalita.

If you haven’t ever seen Springsteen live, follow my advice and get to the next one. It’s as uplifting as a musical event can be. Nobody left early from the Boss’ concert.

The real event of the tour occurs Fri Nov 20 at the First Mariner Arena, Springsteens first concert in Baltimore in over 30 years. I am sure he will dream up something special for event.

Sasho Cirovski On Terp Talk Tonight at 6PM on ESPN 1300

Enter the No Spin Zone tonight as we discuss the state of Football at Maryland . Right at 6 PM head Soccer coach Sasho will call in to discuss the big rematch game Friday night vs North Carolina.  Listen in live on the web by clicking Listen Live right on this site. If you are reading the site for the first time feel free to subcribe. Dino will be on tonight.the call in number is 410-296-MASN.

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Springsteen Tickets for First Mariner Concert on Nov 20 Go On Sale Fri...

Fron Wednesday’s Sunpapers comes the following: Ticket prices have been announced for Bruce Springsteen‘s Nov. 20 concert at 1st Mariner Arena, and they’re surprisingly affordable — at least, if you can pick them up at face value.

General admission seats on the floor will cost $100, and balcony seats will go for $67 and $31, according to Frank Remesch, 1st Mariner’s general manager. Starting at 10 a.m. Friday, you can pick up tickets at the box office at 201 W. Baltimore St., order by phone at 410-547-7328, or purchase them online at LiveNation.com.