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M&T Bank Stadium vs Fed Ex Field—-Hands Down M&T

Bless Mayor Schaeffer and John Moag for giving the City of Baltimore (well giving is incorrect after all we paid for it) an unbelievable Football arena especially when compared to the Redskins home created by Jack Kent Cooke. Last night I ventured to Fed Ex to watch U2. It was my 3rd time going to the venue and once again the traffic control was deplorable. Who in the world engineered the access and egress from this stadium. It took me over 2 hours to make a normal 50 minute trip.  The club section  in no way shape or form compares to M&T although the site lines are just as good. (As an aside the site lines of Byrd Stadium’s middle deck are vastly superior to both as well as being much closer to the action.)  Ravens stadium is just a more comfortable friendly, warm environment helped by the fact our team is 3-0 with arguably the best owner in the NFL.