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Say It Ain’t So–Q Traded To The 49ers

AnquanListen, I have always said In Ozzie We Trust. But wow, I just cannot believe that Anquan Boldin is gone. I guess the ravens meant what they said. It looks like Kruger ($12 Million to the Colts), Ellerbe ($6+ mill to … Read More »

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Smokin Joe Flacco Leads the Ravens to Super Bowl Victory 34-31

An incredible victory concluded an incredible season for the Ravens. This is the story of Baltimore and how intertwined the Ravens and the city have become. In typical nail biting fashion the Ravens surviving.

What a way for Ray Lewis’ career to end –a goal line stand to secure … Read More »

Ravens, Ray Lewis, Super Bowl
Let’s get it On!!!!!!Ravens Nation Descends Upon New Orleans

This Super Bowl will forever be remembered for Deer Antler Spray. Why? Because this will be the straw that puts the Ravens on top. Imagine that someone criticized someone you love. Told half truths and intended to ruin their reputations. And then you have a chance to avenge the criticism. … Read More »

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Note To The Patriots—-“The World is Round” as Wes We...

The highlight replay for me last night was watching the New England bench in disbelief when Welker dropped the wide open pass. No it ws not perfect but I guarantee you the Lombardi Award presenter –Raymond Berry –would have caught it.

I guess Coach Bill figured lightning could never strike … Read More »

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Slash and Fergie –Sweet Child of Mine

The best halftime show ever? Here are Slash and Fergie singing Sweet Child of Mine:

Super Bowl
Steelers Luck Runs Out—-Green Bay 31 Pittsburgh 25 As Turnovers ...

Lots of my readers wanted the Steelers to lose in the worst way. I am happy they lost. It takes a little of the sting out of the Ravens disastrous 2 losses to Pittsburgh. It was great to see the defensive player of the year, #43, get beat by Jennings. … Read More »

Super Bowl
I Hate To say It But—-Pittsburgh 35 Green Bay 17

This should have been the Ravens year but the Ravens are at home watching like we will. Quickly my take on the game:

Pittsburgh’s defense is better then Green Bays–Green Bay ran over some weak teams

Big Ben is 10-2 postseason but more important 2-0 in the Super Bowl. This … Read More »

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Please Don’t Ever Mention Peyton’s name in the Same Breath...

Johnny Unitas Baltimore Colts

All of you Old Timers out there. name me 1 play that Johnny U ever made in a crucial game that equals the disastrous interception Peyton threw to realistically end the game. Even when the Jets … Read More »

Super Bowl
Colts 28 Saints 27 as Stover Boots Winning 44 Yard Field Goal With No ...

The Super Bowl is clearly the 2nd biggest game of the day today. Just for reference I saw the Who perform Tommy at Merriweather in 1969 –over 40 years ago. And Tommy was a few years old back then. … Read More »

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