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Jay Farber and Ryan Riess To Battle for the 2013 WSOP Main Event Title...


Final Two: Ryan Riess & Jay Farber

The 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event final table has been cut down to its final two players. Tomorrow, the second leg of the conclusion to this epic event will take place between Jay Farber and Ryan Riess. Each will be looking to etch his name in poker history as the 2013 WSOP Main Event champion and grab hold of the $8,361,570 first-place prize plus coveted gold bracelet.

Entering Tuesday’s final day of play, Farber will start with the chip lead, holding 105 million in chips to Riess’ 85.675 million. If his day goes anything like start-of-the-day chip leader JC Tran’s did on Monday, Farber may not end up a happy camper. 

My take–In all fairness to JC Tran, it was clear he was card dead for almost the entire time. I picked Ryan Riess to win and am sticking to it. In heads up play, he is just too strong for Farber.

The November 9 is Set—Carlos Mortensen Finishes in 10th Place...

The 2013 WSOP November Nine Is Set; Carlos Mortensen Finishes 10th

2013 WSOP November Nine

The 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event has reached this year’s November Nine. At noon on Friday, 27 players remained for Day 7, but that has since been whittled down to just one third of that field. The man who bagged up the chip lead for the four-month hiatus was two-time WSOP gold bracelet winner JC Tran.

Joining Tran to play for poker’s greatest prize are Amir Lehavot, Marc McLaughlin, Jay Farber, Ryan Riess, Sylvain Loosli, Michiel Brummelhuis, Mark Newhouse and David Benefield.


6362 Pony up $10 Grand to participate in the WSOP Main Event

Top 7 Payouts

  • 1st
  • $8,359,531
  • 2nd
  • $5,173,170
  • 3rd
  • $3,727,023
  • 4th
  • $2,791,983
  • 5th
  • $2,106,526
  • 6th
  • $1,600,792
  • 7th
  • $1,225,224
“Let’s Go Maryland” Greg Merson Outduels Jesse James...

In a classic final threesome duel between, ASU Freshman Jacob Balsinger, Martha Vineyards native Jesse Sylvia and online guru Greg Merson, it was Merson who pressured, used position, and yes had some luck to best his rivals and win $8 million dollars and more important the coveted Gold Bracelet and title. It took 12 hours to accomplish this — with Merson eventually going all in with K5 suited against QJ off suited from Jesse. The flop, turn, and river came up empty and Merson’s King held up. Balsinger had been eliminated earlier. He played boldly avoiding post play but his 2 more experienced opponents were just too strong. I will try to get the Champ on one of my shows in the next few weeks. On top of everything, Greg passed Phil Hellmuth for POY honors.

Antonio Esfandiari Wins the Largest Prize ($18 Million) in The History...

“Clear intention” was the reason the Magician gave for his victory. He must have spent some time with the Zen Master. The final hand: Antonio went all in with trip fives against 2nd place finisher England’s Sam Trickett’s flush draw. The board came up empty and Antonio’s entourage went nuts. Hats off to a great guy and now the winner of the richest contest in sports history.

48 Post 1 Million in Richest Poker Tourney Ever

This was the brainchild of Cirque Du Soleil’s founder Guy LaLiberte. Every major Pro is entered and as the 1st day winds down,  the Poker Brat, Phil Hellmuth , Jr is at the top of the heap.

WSOP POY Benba (Ben Lamb) Out Quickly at Final Table

Please someone explain to me why after grinding and playing brilliant poker to reach the final 3, Ben Lamb, arguably the greates player in the land) would go all in with KJ off. Martin Stasko’s pair of 7s held up. 2 hands later later Ben went home with Q6 off against Stasko’s JJ.  As I go to bed, Pius Heinz holds a slight chip edge over Stasko in an all Euro Bluffest final.

The November 9 is Set

Final hand—KK vs the short stack all in KQ —-The community cards brought only a Q—The final 9 is set. Ben Lamb current leader of the Player of the Year will be the favorite. We will soon learn about the Lamb Stare!!!

Ben Lamb–POY Leader Near the Top of the Remaining 32 at The WSOP

For those of you who wonder why I keep writing about the WSOP. Now it’s time to watch on the deuce as they get near the final table.

Hellmuth Fails To Hold 6-1 Chip Lead Loses Bid for 12th Bracelet on 3 ...

The Poker Brat spent 5 days putting himself in position to win then in 3 hands lost the Players Championship. Check it out on ESPN3.com Part II. Black Friday has not had the crippling effect on the WSOP as most thought it might. Fields are higher and in general entrance fees have been reduced. The WSOP countered the loss of so many online recipients of seats with mega satellite events.Day 2 of the Main Event is occurring as I write and next Thursday will mark tje first time live poker (30 minute delay) will be shown on ESPN 2.

1:30 AM—Phil Hellmuth in Chip Lead at Final Table in Quest for H...

There are 4 players left and Hellmuth’s big lead is teetering. This is the Pro Player’s Championship–a $50,000 buy in event that test 10 disciplines of poker.

What Was the Magician Thinking? Goes All in With A8 Off

I only relate this hand because it is so unbelievable. Anthony Esfandiari, better known as the Magician was at the final table of the Event 45 of the WSOP in 2nd place with a huge chip advantage. After stealing blind after blind, he got trapped in a all in situation with A8. The flop was A X X and he pushed all in. His opponent had AA. The rest is history.