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#52 Lowers the Boom on Eddie George

Freddy says this hit began a downhill spiral for the career of George.

“Everything That Starts Has an End” Ray Lewis–The Gr...

from Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com
It’s tough to play 17 years in the NFL. It’s even tougher to play all 17 years with one team.

That’s why it is noteworthy how Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is leaving the game. An injury didn’t force him to call it quits. … Read More »

The Worst Loss in My 61 Years of Existence–How Could This Happen...

Okay our great city and my great University have suffered some horrendous losses in my lifetime. But this one might have been the worst.  There have been big losses–Super Bowl III to the Jets, 1969 World series Loss to the Mets, 2 7th game losses to the Pirates, the Final … Read More »

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LaDarius Webb, Ray Lewis Non Committal About Playing Sunday Night

Turf toe—those 2 words are only surpassed in distress by “high ankle sprain”.  I listened to The Rob Long Show with #21 last night and I am not convinced he is playing.

Observations at The Ravens game—Ravens 31 KC 13

—Derrick Who? Lee Evans can stretch the field , has great hands and had a great first game with Joe Flacco

—I was greatky impressed with the power running of Ricky Williams–Freddy was right

—4 challenges, umteen penalties especially on punts, made this game extremely long and somewhat boring

—LaQuan … Read More »

Must Watch TV: Ray Lewis on the Yes Network’s Center Stage Wedne...

Fios Channel 595—-Michael Kay always does a super job.

Billick Pays Tribute to #52 on Pro Bowl Telecast

Former Ravens coach Brian Billick, who was the Fox analyst for the Pro Bowl, talked about Lewis, saying, “One of the most unbelievable players I’ve ever been around in my career. The Ray Lewis that you see on Sunday – the passion, the energy, the intensity – that’s the Ray … Read More »

Harbaugh’s Ravens Make Playoffs

Ray Lewis knows when the big games are. Ray had his guys ready for the challenge. Please don’t get your hopes up for a Cleveland win over Pittsburgh next week cause it ain’t going down. So the Ravens will venture to Indy in 2 weeks to try to end the … Read More »

Ravens Ease Past Tampa 17-10 With Dominating Defense

YAWWWWWWWWNNNNNNN –Generally a boring game but a victory nonetheless moving the Ravens to 8-3 with a showdown with Pittsburgh next Sunday night.

It looks like Mason’s whining strategy worked as Flacco only looked his way for most of the game. Mason had 8 catches for 85 yards and a few … Read More »

The Ghosts of Billick and Marchibroda , Return to Raven’s Play C...

It’s not like the Ravens didn’t have chance after chance to win this game. I for one still cannot understand why Ray Rice gets 28 runs, 8 receptions, and probably 3 more missed passes when the Offense has been so improved. By my count out 69 plays 39 had #27 … Read More »

Ravens Jets—Put Aside the Trash Talking—Let’s Get It On!!!!!

I do believe this one is personal for #52. The Ravens won’t be declared Super Bowl Champs if they win. It will be a long season either way. But something is different about this opening game I do believe the Ravens will have Ray’s back and that Revis is not … Read More »

Harbaugh Hints at Possible 2010 Return For Sergio Kindle—Webb Ru...

Wouldn’t it be great if the first regular season game was this Saturday night instead of another hold your breathe that no one gets injured game against the Giants. #52 voiced a strong opinion against the 18 game schedule citing the fragility of the players body in a 16 game … Read More »