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#52 Lowers the Boom on Eddie George

Freddy says this hit began a downhill spiral for the career of George.

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“Everything That Starts Has an End” Ray Lewis–The Gr...

from Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com
It’s tough to play 17 years in the NFL. It’s even tougher to play all 17 years with one team.

That’s why it is noteworthy how Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is leaving the game. An injury didn’t force him to call it quits. The Ravens didn’t cut him. Lewis went out on his own terms, which is how it should be with everything he has done for the team, the city of Baltimore and the league.

Few thought Lewis would return after he tore his triceps on Oct. 14. But come Sunday, 11 weeks after having surgery on his right arm, Lewis will be coming out of the tunnel to do his final pregame dance at M&T Bank Stadium.

By announcing his retirement Wednesday, Lewis also avoids putting the Ravens in a rough spot this offseason. The Ravens will need salary-cap room, especially if they are going to put the franchise tag on quarterback Joe Flacco, and they might have been forced to part ways with Lewis, who was scheduled to make $5.4 million in 2013.

Now, the end of Lewis’ career won’t be marred by the ugly side of the business. He came into the NFL as a Raven and will leave as one. That’s how it should be.

“I’ve played the game at a very, very high level and a very rough pace,” Lewis said. “But for me to be where I am standing as a man now and to make my own declaration and say it’s time for me to go on, then I make this last run with my team. I give them everything I’ve got. That’s one thing I shared with them in that meeting: ‘I am going to give you everything that I’ve got, because this is our last one.’ And wherever it ends, it ends. But I didn’t come back for it to end in the first round.”

The Worst Loss in My 61 Years of Existence–How Could This Happen...

Okay our great city and my great University have suffered some horrendous losses in my lifetime. But this one might have been the worst.  There have been big losses–Super Bowl III to the Jets, 1969 World series Loss to the Mets, 2 7th game losses to the Pirates, the Final Four loss to Duke, the Orange Bowl defeat to Florida. There have been painful losses, the playoff loss to Green Bay on Chandlers failed kick ruled Good, Michigan State’s miracle shot to end Greivis’ Terrapin career and perhaps the greatest 2 minute run ever by a Terp, Jeffrey Maier stealing a victory in the playoffs, etc, etc. BUT we actually won this game until Lee Evans was stripped of a perfect pass from Joe. How could this happen to us? The ball was in his hands. And then like we were granted a reprieve , all Billy had to do was kick a 32 yard FG to give us a 50-50 chance to win. I feared he wasn’t ready for this prime time situation. Ever since his injury to his plant leg, he has not been the same.

Okay let’s analyze –should Cundiff even have been kicking. From the second he got hurt his kickoffs faltered–his distance disappeared—Harbaugh would not even let him try a 51 yard FG to tie the game..Shayne Graham was a more than adequate replacement.  Graham was more experienced, been around longer, etc. The Ravens got away without a backup QB but should Cundiff have been kicking?

Shannon Sharpe said it right after the game, Brady was this, Vince was that, but THE SCRIPT WAS PERFECT FOR A RAVENS WIN-Only a drop by Lee Evans and a shank by #7 turned this — nothing else. I am sick like you are. Harbaugh stuck up for Cundiff post game but can we ever forget this.

Joe Flacco , as I predicted was almost magnificent. Brady wasn’t. Only the interception and under throwing Torrey early on the 42  yard pass separated Joe from a perfect game.  Please sign him , get an adequate backup or if Tyrod is the that guy let him play more next year. 

Torrey, Vernon Davis and yes Laquan Williams did Maryland proud yesterday, all coming up big in Championship games. Laquan’s excellent special teams play probably assured him a spot on next year’s roster.

The third and 3 draw play late in the game was an unthinkable call. The first 3 series were a disaster for the Ravens but give the Patriots credit. I wonder if cmaeron survives this loss with Hue Jackson now in the open market. That will probably be decided quickly. 

Ray Lewis post game comments were miraculous. He is the true warrior. I don’t want him to retire and he isn’t. He refused to point any fingers, rightly saying no one man loses a game. ( I am not so sure). But he emphasized that everything will be ok because the City of Baltimore has the back of the Ravens. 

But in summary, this is what makes me sick–the game was won. But I guess not. The pain will last for a long time. Ten years ago when the Ravens were destroying the Giants on the way to a Super Bowl victory, I pointed to the scoreboard with many of my Baltimore friends in attendance and said remember this moment because we may never live to see it again. Yesterday just proves how right that statement might turn out to be. The next few days will be tough. Welcome to our nightmare!!!!

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LaDarius Webb, Ray Lewis Non Committal About Playing Sunday Night

Turf toe—those 2 words are only surpassed in distress by “high ankle sprain”.  I listened to The Rob Long Show with #21 last night and I am not convinced he is playing.

Observations at The Ravens game—Ravens 31 KC 13

—Derrick Who? Lee Evans can stretch the field , has great hands and had a great first game with Joe Flacco

—I was greatky impressed with the power running of Ricky Williams–Freddy was right

—4 challenges, umteen penalties especially on punts, made this game extremely long and somewhat boring

—LaQuan Williams had a 35 yard Kickoff return and a late 30 yard catch in his bid to make the team

—Why aren’t the Ravens sending Torrey deep?

—I had a great hot pastrami sandwich at Attman’s at Section 118

—John Harbaugh must be watching game film of his brother—pouring salt on the wouinds of KC with a late TD

—the 2 corners Jimmy Smith and Cary Williams played well

—Cundiff’s 49 yard FG would have been good from 65 yards

—I believe the new Kickoff location works against the Ravens because we have a kicker who can get touchbacks from the 30

—Can’t believe there is no #82 jersey being sold–Torrey Smith

—Tyler Palco– wasn’t that the QB’s name in the Replacements Movie

—it’s always disappointing when #52 doesn’t play

—Exhibition games are still a ripoff–though I will admit to sticking it out the the 4th Quarter


Must Watch TV: Ray Lewis on the Yes Network’s Center Stage Wedne...

Fios Channel 595—-Michael Kay always does a super job.

Billick Pays Tribute to #52 on Pro Bowl Telecast

Former Ravens coach Brian Billick, who was the Fox analyst for the Pro Bowl, talked about Lewis, saying, “One of the most unbelievable players I’ve ever been around in my career. The Ray Lewis that you see on Sunday – the passion, the energy, the intensity – that’s the Ray Lewis you get every day in meetings and in practice.” from the Sun

Harbaugh’s Ravens Make Playoffs

Ray Lewis knows when the big games are. Ray had his guys ready for the challenge. Please don’t get your hopes up for a Cleveland win over Pittsburgh next week cause it ain’t going down. So the Ravens will venture to Indy in 2 weeks to try to end the Peyton jinx.

This game was really never in doubt once the lead got to 10. Ed Reed was his usual tremendous self as he had 2 picks, and of course one fumble on a lateral.

Listening to the game while I was in Florida yesterday, the Cleveland announcers knew the outcome of this game even before the Ravens took the lead for good.

I watched Shaun Hill (former Terrapin QB) keep his composure and eventually lead the Lions to a comeback victory. The Dolphins supplied you with this miniature pocket video with which  you watch or listen mostly anything  football related. it’s called Uni vision.

On the way home I watched  ESPN and barely saw any Ravens highlights. I can’t figure out why the league doesn’t like us but in this case we can’t defect to the Big Ten. By the way, thanks Southwest for canceling my flight home because of the impending blizzard in Baltimore. As of 11PM last  night the streets were bone dry.

Ravens Ease Past Tampa 17-10 With Dominating Defense

YAWWWWWWWWNNNNNNN –Generally a boring game but a victory nonetheless moving the Ravens to 8-3 with a showdown with Pittsburgh next Sunday night.

It looks like Mason’s whining strategy worked as Flacco only looked his way for most of the game. Mason had 8 catches for 85 yards and a few drops.

I especially was pleased the way the Ravens put the game away –throwing on 2nd down for a first that sealed the victory.

Tampa just seemed to be content with simplistic turnover proof plays that just kept the game close. You are not coming into Baltimore and winning that way.

The Steelers lucked out again as a Buffalo receiver dropped a sure TD pass in Overtime. i guess you have to do your own dirty work.

Watching Tennessee’s Finnergan get pummeled was a pleasure for me. He is a punk and is always the guy dishing out the cheap hits. This time he picked the wrong fellow.

I guess Brett can still beat the Redskins.

The pass to Todd Heap was a thing of beauty. Somebody give Cameron some ups for the play.

The only upsetting point about yesterday were the 3 injuries to McClain, #74 and Dawan Landry getting his lights knocked out on a pretty good hit he delivered.

Is Peyton getting old. He sure looked weak Sunday night. It was fun to watch the Colts get destroyed at home.

By the way Ray Lewis had 12 tackles yesterday to lead the Ravens.

The Ghosts of Billick and Marchibroda , Return to Raven’s Play C...

It’s not like the Ravens didn’t have chance after chance to win this game. I for one still cannot understand why Ray Rice gets 28 runs, 8 receptions, and probably 3 more missed passes when the Offense has been so improved. By my count out 69 plays 39 had #27 written all over it. Now after a while doesn’t it become clear who you have to overplay. The offense though still too conservative for me, was somewhat effective in the first 3 quarters but holy cow from the 4th quarter on it was pathetic.

To me the key play was Mason’s drop of the touchdown pass that led to a FG and only a 10 point lead.

The cheap helmut to helmut hit on Todd Heap should result in #31 missing a few games and paychecks. Even Bellichick looked digusted.

Where was Willis McGahee?

I think the final game winning field goal would have been good from 70 yards.

Billy Cundiff has been doing a great job but the one Kickoff that he missed cost us dearly.

Ngata has to be the MVP so far for the Ravens. He has power, speed, and the ability to mame the big play when needed.

It’s pretty sad when you lose the game on the basis of a 62 yard punt. Cam take the reigns off of #5 and let the chips fall.

Before despair sets in remember the Ravens are 4-2 and our next 2 games are against Buffalo –and Tampa.

The winning FG by the Patriots would have been good from 70 yards.

Oh–did we miss Ed Reed today.

Ravens Jets—Put Aside the Trash Talking—Let’s Get It On!!!!!

I do believe this one is personal for #52. The Ravens won’t be declared Super Bowl Champs if they win. It will be a long season either way. But something is different about this opening game I do believe the Ravens will have Ray’s back and that Revis is not ready yet. Ravens 20 Jets 13.

Harbaugh Hints at Possible 2010 Return For Sergio Kindle—Webb Ru...

Wouldn’t it be great if the first regular season game was this Saturday night instead of another hold your breathe that no one gets injured game against the Giants. #52 voiced a strong opinion against the 18 game schedule citing the fragility of the players body in a 16 game season. From Ray, I will certainly respect his opinion. But the fan is tired of being ripped off by having to pat full price for these exhibition charades. 2 more real games should add millions to the owners coffers and thus allow for a roster increase.  Coach Harbaugh is taking the safe path for one of his secondary players in not allowing Ladarius Webb to return kicks this year. Actually Parmalee seems to better at that role anyway. Prediction: Rex Ryan will soon be the villain in Baltimore as he will surely mouth off about the opening day battle. Somebody explain to me on what basis Shayne Graham leads Billy Cundiff in the kicking battle.