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2010 Terrapin Bball Class Lands 3 in ESPNU Top 100

With Terrence Ross at #39, Mychal Parker at # 42 and Terrell Stoglin at #88, the Terrapins certainly have a super 2010 Class. Add Ashton Pankey in the mix and that’s why hope springs eternal for 2010. Of course the ranking of Terrence Ross at 39 is a joke.  This kid is the real deal. Check out the top 100 at ESPNU.

2010 Basketball Recruits
More Video on Terrence Ross — “In Your Face” Dunk

#32 Terrence Ross can do it all!!!

2010 Basketball Recruits, Maryland Basketball
Terrence Ross on Video From Last Night—You Have Got To See This!!!!!!

Terrence Ross #32 for Montrose

Check out this video of Terrence Ross:

Maryland Basketball
Tobias Harris Has All The Rep—But I Am Ecstatic About Terrence Ross

This is no sour grapes. This is only me speaking about what I have seen. I have watched Terrence Ross for Montrose. This kid has it all and I do not care what his ranking is. I have seen him catch a pass standing still near the bucket and slam it through. I have seen him fast break pass, pull up for a jumper, nail 3s, and rebound like a forward. Maryland has landed a 5 star and his name is Terrence Ross. Remember where you heard it!!!

2010 Basketball Recruits
Table is Set For Tobias Harris–Is He Still A Longshot For Maryland? Hats Off To Gary and the Staff for a Great 2010 Recruiting Class!!!

All the sites say the great Tobias Harris is a longshot to select Maryland.  With the addition of Ashton Pankey to the 2010 recruiting class. Maryland will now be stacked with bigs next year. Tobias wants to be the point forward in college. It’s about the only position the Terps don’t have covered. Whatever Harris does, this is a great recruiting class. Terrell Spoglin is certainly one of the top point guards in the country. Terrence Ross is an incredible raw talent. Mychal Parker —a great small forward. Add Jordan Williams, James Padgett, Sean Mosley and Adrian Bowie and Maryland will begins it’s charge to the top in 2010. Optimism reigns supreme at College Park. Hats off to Gary and the coaching staff for a tremendous job!!!

2010 Basketball Recruits
Justin Anderson–6’6 220 Lb Sophomore at Montrose—Remember the Name

Last year, I journeyed to Rockville to watch Stu Vetter’s Montrose Christian team. That day when I watched Terrnce Ross, I immediately could see what an impact player he could be.  Late in the 3rd quarter a I first got to see Justin Anderson. I was flabbergasted when I was told he was only 15. He is 6’6 220lbs and strongly built. He was nailing shots from everywhere, freelancing and fitting right into Montrose’s style. 15 years old—amazing. terrapintimes.com had a great article on him today and they stressed how fond Justin is of Greivis.  Every big program in the country will be after Justin.  Let’s remember he is only a sophomore in high school!!!

2012 Basketball Recruits
Terrence Ross—Update On A Future Terp

From the terrapintimes.com, it is obvious that Terrence Ross is going to be a special Terp. terrence elected to stay at Montrose over the summer and work on his game with Coach Stu Vetter and of course get his grades in order. Being so close to Colleye park, he has buily a great friendship with the 2 freshmen –Jordan Williams and James Padgett. Terrence keeps close contact with his committed 2010 mates Mychal Parker and Terrell Spoglin. “I haven’t talked to Mike (Parker) for a few days, but I am constantly talking and texting with Terrell (Stoglin),” said Ross. “We were just texting back and forth today. The three of us are close and are really looking forward to playing together at Maryland. We think we can all make an immediate impact and I think it’s a really solid class Maryland has coming in. Our goal is to get Maryland to the Final Four, and to contend for a championship.” This is a major part of the reason that some of the remaining super undecided recruits—Pankey, Tsafack Harris have the Terps as one of their possible choices. The 2010 team with Mosley, Adrian Bowie, Williams, padgett, Goins,etc will be special.

2010 Basketball Recruits
Midnight Madness—SEAN MOSLEY IS READY TO BLOSSOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year, Baltimore’s Sean Mosley certainly proved he could play on the ACC level. His defense was excellent. His court sense was unmatched by anyone on the team. He did so many little things that don’t show up in the stats. Howver his offenseive output was not as excellent. Now , he appears much more comfortable. His shot looked much improved but he finished the way I remember he did at St Frances. I will say it now –Sean will have a breakout sophomore season. I absolutely can not wait for the season to begin. Some observations of a great night:

–Dino Gregory was certainly smooth hitting a pair of jumpers.

Jordan Williams can definitely rebound but as we all expected his offense will take some time.

James Padgett again appeared to be a rebound magnate.

Landon looked good slashing to the bucket. It was good to see Eric running the court. His rust shows from his injury idled time.

Greivis was Greivis, certainly having more fun then anyone in the building.

Gary as he did on my show seemed to project a quiet confidence stating he desires high expectations.

All in all you had to have a good feeling about this team.

Williams Padgett MM

Gary Williams, Greivis Vasquez, Maryland Basketball