Agent 0 Opts out of Contract—Lakers Face Must Win Situation

    Gilbert Arenas has declared himself a free agent as expected.  Though Gil has expressed interest in returning to the Wizards, he has set forth a demand that Antawn Jamison must be resigned. Not bad–here’s a guy who has basically missed the last 2 seasons with injuries putting the club he loves in a death grip having to sign a player he likes playing with.  How will Grunfeld react–probably will do what Gilbert wants and thereby throw the entire organization in the hands of the great but quirky guard. Signing Jamison is the event most Wizards fans really care about. Stay tuned.

     I incorrectly picked the Lakers in 5, but I will stay with the Lakers.  The foul shot discrepancy will end tonight and most certainly the play of the benches will reverse itself as it usually does. By that I mean role players always play better at home.  I doubt Leon Poe will total 21 points in the 3 games in LA.   

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