Wham! Bam! Booker Leads Clemson to a 93-64 Thrashing of the Terps

Terrecne Oglesby had his 16 points but it was Trevor Booker who thoroughly dominated the Terps with 14 rebounds. The task ahead for the Terps has just doubled in difficulty with Carolina and Duke up next. The Terps hung in for the first half but a costly turnover just before halftime by Greivis let Clemson escape with a 6 point lead.  Then the Terps missed 5 snowbird layups to start the 2nd half and that was that. Maryland falls to 5-6 in the conference and now must win 3 of the final 5 conference games. Mike Patrick was a pleasure to listen to after the sickening efforts of ex Dookie Mike Gminski over the past several Maryland games. 

Trevor Booker was the first big to really dominate Maryland this year.

Dave Neal played his heart out to no avail.

Saturday  3:30 at Comcast–here comes the Tar heels. Forget what you saw tonight, Maryland will certainly have a chance to win at least one of the games against the powers-Duke and North Carolina.

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